An attempt to visit every suburb in Sydney.

My North Shore travels continue. Naremburn

Naremburn Baby Burn

My North Shore travels continue.


Here's another one of those suburbs you wouldn't know unless you're a local (I'm not a local). Nestled into a corner between St Leotards and my previous suburb, Crows Nest, Naremburn is just a short stroll from it's better known neighbours.

For reference, the suburb starts at this industrial looking... box apparently containing the Starlight Foundation.

From that point of interest, I continued onward into the residential streets of the suburb.

This part of the suburb has a generous share of foliage, and is best characterised by cute and tiny houses with picket fences.

Seriously, what's with all the fences?

I'm getting the impression that the locals aren't too big on people stepping on their front yards.

I will be fair though, and give two compliments to residential Naremburn so far:
  1. I've actually seen people walking on the streets - a sad rarity in other places.
  2. Those people on the streets that I passed smiled and said hello. It turns out that people do actually still do that in some places!
My goal was to head to the local shops around the corner, so I continued along, soon hitting Willoughby Rd, one of the suburb's few "main roads."

This is an interesting intersection.

On one corner, is this very pointy church,

on the other, a school. Now, schools by themselves are not interesting, however this one is simply called Naremburn School. No further questions allowed.

A few more small and cute houses sit on Willoughby Rd before you hit the shops, including another Bert and Ernie duplex (which is a term I came up with back in Marrickville). 

Here are the shops.

Interestingly, premier Gladys Berejiklian's office is here.

But apart from that, I noticed something very odd.

There are more cafes here than anything else. 

Like I'm talking an outrageous number.

To investigate why this might be, I had a look at the 2016 census results for Naremburn. It seems that this suburb is full of high earning IT workers, bankers and other professional office working types.

Those people do drink a lot of coffee.

Perhaps foolishly, I decided to do my coffee at the one that's also a bakery.

I wanted a pie too you see.

The verdict: About as good as any shepherd's pie and coffee I've had anywhere in Australia. I can't really call myself a connoisseur when it comes to these things. 

Just in front of the shops is a big-ole swirly ramp.

This is actually a pedestrian and bicycle bridge over the M1 Motorway which connects the north and south of Sydney, through the city. 

You can even see Chatswood and the Eiffel Tower in the distance. Neat.

On the other side is more leafy suburbia.

Sadly, the houses are less cute on this side of Naremburn,

except for this gruff boy.

If you keep going, you eventually get taken on this suss walkway to the next suburb.

Naremburn: White collar types in little houses getting coffee.