An attempt to visit every suburb in Sydney.

My first stop in the Northern Beaches was so lovely that I had to keep on going. Warriewood

No Warriewood Mate

My first stop in the Northern Beaches was so lovely that I had to keep on going.


The previous post I wrote was the beautiful Narrabeen. There's actually a sliver of other suburb in the middle but we'll get to that later. A short walk to the north from both Narrabeen and generic mystery suburb is Warriewood.

This is still a beachside suburb, so naturally, that was my first destination. I turned off the main(ish) road and onto a palm-tree-lined side street to get to the beach.


First, I arrived at this big patch of grass - with a bonus call out going to the "don't park on my street you dirty inlanders" no parking on weekends sign, which I first saw back in Port Hacking in The Shire.

The patch of grass gives you somewhere to sit before you walk the trail down to the beach.

This is Turimetta Beach. It's quiet, it features some dramatic cliffs, and I love it.

If I've inspired you to come visit, do bear in mind that this beach is unpatrolled and the waves seemed pretty wild, so come at your own risk.

When you're here though, it's very difficult to remember you're in a city of five million.

After taking it all in, I took these stairs back up to keep moving.

You can't not turn your head back for one final peek.

The stairs drop you off on a residential street with houses with understandably large windows.

But I'm not here to look at houses (for a change).

I immediately turned onto this pathway through Turimetta Head, and into the Bicentennial Coastal Walk.

Here, you take the easy trail,

for more great views of Turimetta Beach,

and even a dash of New Zealand mixed in for good measure.

As you continue through to the other side, sweeping views of Warriewood Beach and further cliffs to the north greet you.

Once again, I was ejected temporarily into residential suburbia. Even the grass outside people's houses was popping today.

But alas, the path continues,

and I continued feasting my eyes on the way down to Warriewood beach.

Made it.

As it was time for lunch, I scoped out the cafe outside of Warriewood Surf Life Saving Club.

Although the location is definitely appealing, with the club sitting just next to the shore, I chose to continue uphill

to a nearby strip of shops where there are a few more options.

The cutely named Sunrise Cafe hooked me up today.

Calamari and chips with an obscene iced coffee? Don't mind if I do.

Feeling at least four kinds of full (mainly due to all the milk and ice cream in my "coffee"), it was time to get a waddle-on towards my next suburb.

On the way, I walked through the wide, green streets of the Warriewood's suburbia,

and past some moron watering his driveway.

At the end of this street is the Northern Beaches favourite, Pittwater Road, where I had the pleasure of waiting 27 years for a crossing light,

before continuing west into this final bushy corner of the suburb.

Why am I taking you to a business park?

Only because I thought Warriewood Cinemas is cool looking.

And back to Pittwater Road.

I was about to call it for the suburb, and enter my next, but I was stopped by one final destination - this park.

The park itself is, well, just a park, but check out the art on this toilet block.

We miss you Steve.

Warriewood: The secret's out.


  1. Over the other side, behind Warriewood Square shopping centre, there a huge park with walking track. Absolutely beautiful .

    1. yes, the Warriewood Wetlands trail. Cross over Garden St and it leads to a pool and waterfall.

  2. I want to do this challenge too. Beautiful mural! Steve was awesome!