An attempt to visit every suburb in Sydney.

Sometimes on this journey, I traverse a suburb I've never heard of. Often, when I leave those suburbs, I think "there's a g...

Back to the Future: Elanora Heights

Sometimes on this journey, I traverse a suburb I've never heard of. Often, when I leave those suburbs, I think "there's a good reason I never heard of this place."

Elanora Heights

When I last left you, I was exploring Warriewood in the Northern Beaches. There's actually a suburb between there and Elanora Heights, but I've chosen to put this one up first. 

What this means is that I've entered Elanora Heights on foot, up in the sky, and on a road known as Powderworks Road. 

Seriously, it was a climb to enter the suburb, as evidenced by the sweeping views visible behind the occasional house.

Up here, people seem to live in large, understated houses, nestled in trees.

The kind of place that says "I have money, but that's not polite to talk about."

If that was the main road, I thought I'd duck in and check out the suburban "backstreets", so I followed this squiggly path,

and turned off into a side street.

Here, the vibe continues. 

Now, not every house is huge, but even for the more modest homes, the manicured lawns tell the same story. 

Slightly deeper into the suburb are the neighbourhood shops. Nothing too groundbreaking, right? 

Well, we do have this this faded sign outside the post office purporting to sell the ice cream of the future - Dippin' Dots,
What a time to be alive.

and there is the fact that this IGA still has a Video Ezy rental machine outside. I didn't try the machine myself but I can only assume that under new releases it had Titanic on VHS. 

I'm not sure what year it is in Elanora Heights, but it doesn't appear to be 2019.

Even their local Chinese seems to be from an era gone by. You need keen eyes to see this due to my shortsighted documenting of the restaurant, but the phone number on the left-hand window is still only 7 digits.

I decided to return to the current century and continued southbound through the suburb.

I can't say I saw too much of interest on my final stroll through residential Elanora Heights.

We have a few Denistone-esque roofy bois,

this mansion with security fence,

and still the occasional glimpse of lower elevated suburbs (now with bonus Pacific Ocean).

All of this is nestled in between plenty of green.

Eventually, I hit the southern border of the suburb, marked by this park, and continued on.

Elanora Heights: We'll make it up to you in the year 2000.