An attempt to visit every suburb in Sydney.

You can't really go wrong with a Sydney beach can you? Grab your magnifying glass, because this is the Southeast  Sydney suburb of ...

Fun-sized: Little Bay

You can't really go wrong with a Sydney beach can you? Grab your magnifying glass, because this is the Southeast Sydney suburb of

Little Bay

When I left you last, I was waiting for my bus from Pagewood. That bus eventually arrived, dropping me off a few clicks away, at the centre of the beachside suburb of Little Bay.

At first glance, I could've been anywhere in Sydney, with a few new apartment blocks dotted all around me.

However, there's also evidence of something a little more, with a few vintage looking pillars marking the entrance to a small and modern commercial area.

Just a little bit further down, Little Bay starts to tell some of its historic story.

This white building is part of what used to be Prince Henry Hospital, a hospital set up in the late 1800s, initially to deal with an outbreak of smallpox. Over the twentieth century it became used for general hospital-ly things, and grew over the years into a little bit of a campus.

The hospital was retired around the turn of the millennium. Today, there's a museum here for those who may be interested.

Just a bit further along, Little Bay's other drawcard starts to reveal itself, with the ocean visible over this park and playground.

At the end of the road is this spectacularly pointy church,

with a spectacular view of the ocean through stained glass.

The beach awaits.

To get there, you step through a golf course,

and down some stairs.

Is Little Bay the best beach in Sydney? Well, no, it's not. But that's like saying that you're dating Miss Universe, but she's not the best looking one.

She's still very pretty.

After spending way too much energy trying to walk on the sand, I headed back up the stairs to continue on my journey.

I do like the Little Bay coastline, and that includes the green and lush "upstairs" which curves around to some great cliffs.

To make my way to the next suburb, I backtracked through the mishmash of old and new that is Little Bay,

and into a blinding afternoon sun.

My final road in Little Bay is the appropriately named Little Bay Road.

For a suburban road full of houses, this one actually offers an above average walk, due to the wide assortment of house styles.

Interestingly, behind many of the mainly well-to-do houses, you can also see large blocks of what appears to be housing commission as their backdrop. There's some social commentary in there somewhere but I'm not articulate enough to give it a go.

It makes for an interesting contrast nevertheless.

At the end of Little Bay Road, I turned southbound for my next suburb.

Little Bay: What it lacks in size, it makes up for in pep.

Holy moly this is suburb 100! Here's a picture all the way back from suburb number 1 to celebrate.

It's been a lot of fun doing this so far.

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  1. St Elmo! Patron saint of sailors.

    Little Bay was also the site of Christo's 'Wrapped Coast' in 1969:

  2. Congrats on #100, Yaz. Love your work. Looking forward to the next 558.

  3. That's what I would call a church with a view. It is great how they stopped to stained glass half way down to incorporate the ocean into the view.

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