An attempt to visit every suburb in Sydney.

One of the reasons I really enjoy doing this blog is that I've been discovering little amazing spots that I've never even heard of...

Yarra Bay Blues: Phillip Bay

One of the reasons I really enjoy doing this blog is that I've been discovering little amazing spots that I've never even heard of. We're still in the southeast and this is the very special

Phillip Bay

Starting from my previous suburb of Little Bay, Phillip Bay sits immediately west. On the main road running along the the suburb's eastern border, a proud marker welcomed me to the suburb.

Almost immediately, I met the suburb's first point of interest.

At the northeast corner of the suburb are these heritage market gardens, which is basically a hundred year old farm established to grow food to sell. These aren't the first market gardens I've come across on my journey, but they're always an interesting little pitstop considering their suburban surrounds.

Enjoy me being blinded by the afternoon sun.

Passing the local primary school,

I turned off the main road and into the suburb proper.

These are the types of residential streets I enjoy walking through, with a hodgepodge of houses of all different shapes and sizes,

including this one which thinks its from Tudor-era England.

In this suburb and Little Bay before it, I had seen a handful of signs exclaiming to "save Yarra Bay". Here's an example. (Amusingly, even though this sign's been made to look handmade as you drive by, this has actually been put up by the Labor Party if you read the fine print at the bottom. Ah politics.)

Anyway, from what I gather, it appears that there are plans to construct a Cruise Ship Terminal at the nearby Yarra Bay Beach, drawing the ire of some from the local community. I'm not in a position to comment as I don't know much about the proposal, but shortly I'll be continuing on to the spot in question to at least see what the place is like today.

A couple more highlights on my short walk in residential Phillip Bay are this community library (more of an Inner West staple)

and a local footy field,

which is home to an alarming amount of ibises.

Just next door is the road into Yarra Bay Bicentennial Park. What's with all these fake Bicentennial Parks lately? Come on guys, Bicentennial Park is in Sydney Olympic Park, come up with a different name.

Anyway, derivative name or not, I followed the path into the lovely green park,

past the Yarra Bay Sailing Club which has set up shop here,

and to the beach.

I actually really like this little beach. Over the bay and in the background you can see Port Botany, which is why there are all those Star Wars walking robots dotted along the horizon.

Some might find a beach with industry in the background to be ugly, but to me, Yarra Bay Beach is beautiful in that it's different.

Sydney has an entire stack of picture-perfect pristine beaches, but here's one where you can enjoy nature's gift of blue skies, blue water, sand and rocks, and also marvel at the machines that humanity's been able to put together using those same natural resources.

If it's true that this beach's days are numbered, then that will be a shame. However, the surf club does have a bar and restaurant facing onto the beach, so if you share a similar view on the beauty of this spot, perhaps you ought to come and enjoy a drink or meal here while you can.

From the park attached to the beach, the best way to get to my next suburb was to start on this path through some light bushland.

Phillip Bay: The only suburb so far that's caused me to celebrate humanity, so that's gotta count for something.


  1. Fun fact - Yarra Bay is one of Sydney’s only west-facing beaches. Great spot to sit while watching the sun set over the water.

  2. I've got behind in my reading .. will try to catch up .. enjoyed this post- thank you