An attempt to visit every suburb in Sydney.

If you've been following my posts over the past few weeks, you'll know that I had a few fairly chunky suburbs recently (hotspots...

Turning a: Pagewood

If you've been following my posts over the past few weeks, you'll know that I had a few fairly chunky suburbs recently (hotspots like Dulwich Hill, Cabramatta and Newtown). As such, these smaller suburbs should help ease back into the groove of things.

We're still out in Sydney's southeast, with another fine example of "where the hell is..."


This one's actually a little bit of a bonus, because after my previous suburb of Daceyville, my plan was to head elsewhere. 

This plan was thwarted by a choice destination immediately over the Daceyville-Pagewood border, forcing me to do this suburb.

How's the serenity?

Bonnie Doon golf club, while an offering an obvious opportunity to reference The Castle, is also quite a grand looking place.

I don't own any monocles, so I passed the golf club in order to discover what Pagewood has to offer.

On first impressions, Pagewood seems to be your stock standard modest Aussie suburbia, not too unlike the Kerrigan's 'hood come to think of it. 

As I continued through the suburb, nothing particularly exciting jumped out at me, but that's what suburbia's about, isn't it.

Here, you have old houses,

new houses,

round houses,

and small houses.

A little up the road, Pagewood boasts a lovely little neighbourhood park,

with just about the cutest play equipment in existence. 

Actually, when it comes to parks, Pagewood does punch above its weight. Here, it's using its parks to show off another Aussie tradition, the weekend sport (with an entire city of cranes in the distance - that one's more of a Sydney tradition).

Particular callout goes to the fact that this one sports ground is large enough to host multiple kids soccer matches at once. Mad.

My final Pagewood park came as an unexpected surprise as I missed it on Google maps.

A dog park? Sign me up!

Interestingly, this park does not have road access. Instead, it occupies a patch of land behind four perpendicular streets of houses. As a result, you enter through one of four alleyways.

Heartbreakingly, the only dogs here today were in Pokémon Go. 

I needed to catch a bus to my next suburb, so I headed through one last residential street,

where I saw this house I thought was visually appealing,

and this one which thought that I was visually appealing, judging by its facial expression.

This street leads out onto the main road,

where I had to do one of the hardest things a human being can do - wait for a bus downwind of a KFC.

Pagewood: It's the vibe.