An attempt to visit every suburb in Sydney.

Take one portion of bushland, a dash of university and a sprinkle of business park. Result? Macquarie Park

I'm Learnding: Macquarie Park

Take one portion of bushland, a dash of university and a sprinkle of business park. Result?

Macquarie Park

I've had a bit of a habit recently of crossing suburban boundaries somewhere in the bush. It was in Lane Cove National Park that I crossed the Lane Cove River, marking the border from West Pymble to Macquarie Park, and entering the suburb.

Like every good bushwalk, only an offensively high hill stood in the way between me and my exit into the actual suburb.

After the hike uphill, the trees parted and I was out,

landing in a patch of grass on the suburb's edge.

From this patch of grass, the continuation of Lane Cove National Park can be seen. I like clearings like this. They make you feel small and unimportant.

This led to an exit ramp off of the M2 Motorway.

Macquarie Park has two main "bits" in it. The university bit, to the northwest (the bit of the suburb I was in) and the business park bit, to the southwest.

Today I'll only be visiting the university bit, but luckily this Fujitsu office has encroached into the northwest territory, so you all get to look at an office too. Good stuff.

I crossed the road in front of the office building (and this football banner with an adorable logo),

and made my way to the university's grounds.

Macquarie University is not one I know very well. I've been here a couple times in the past, but I definitely don't know my way around the campus. When I asked my Facebook friends what there was to see here, the responses were "brutalism", "depressed youth" and, more interestingly, "MQ lake".

Hey, any uni with its own lake can't be that bad, can it?

So what did I find?

Well, they've got a motel for some reason (photo sabotaged by the late afternoon sun),

they have this thing.

they have that thing,

they have these things,

and yes, they have a pretty legit lake.

The galahs seem to enjoy it too.

The lake sits on another big patch of grass, this one enjoyed by students.

Also by the lake is something which is yet to exist (any MQ students reading this in the future, you can tell me what they built),

as well as the cutest "keep off the grass" signs I've ever seen.

All in all, the area around the lake is definitely a pleasant place to be.

When I travel, I always love spending time on university campuses. They're not quite like any other place, with wide buildings, open areas and a youthful atmosphere always present.

This being the weekend, there obviously wasn't much activity on campus, but I still enjoyed my short time at the uni.

I exited the uni through the southeast exit, emerging at Macquarie Shopping Centre.

This is your run of the mill big suburban shopping centre, although it does contain an ice rink where I once split my chin open, so that's something. I'm lanky, with very little balance, so I have no business ice skating.

From the shopping centre, it's a short walk to the train station.

On the way, it's difficult to miss the chunk of high rise apartments which have recently popped up in the suburb.

I soon arrived at Macquarie University Train Station. This is one of two stations in the suburb (the other being Macquarie Park station itself). These stations have recently been converted to run Metro trains from Chatswood to the northwest, so I suppose that's reasonably exciting.

This where I bid adieu to Macquarie Park and made my way home after a long day of suburbsing, starting all the way back in St Ives Chase.

Macquarie Park: I really like the lake


  1. Love the Simpsons references! Keep 'em coming (I work here, but had no idea bout the uni lake!)

    1. Sounds like a lunchtime stroll might be due for you :)

  2. That IS a steep hill up from the river. I work in that Fujitsu building so occasionally wander down there at lunch time.