An attempt to visit every suburb in Sydney.

Tired of forgettable Western Sydney suburbs? Well here's some eye-candy from the east. Darling Point

Be My: Darling Point

Tired of forgettable Western Sydney suburbs? Well here's some eye-candy from the east.

Darling Point

No, this isn't Darling Harbour. Darling Point is an Eastern Suburbs spot sitting on the banks of the waters that flow from Sydney Harbour and Parramatta River.

As with many of our waterside suburbs, the best way to get in is to take a discounted ferry trip in from the city, enjoying the postcard views along the way.

This trip takes either 11 or 27 minutes from Circular Quay, depending on just how scenic a route is scheduled for your trip. Mine was the latter, with the boat heading to Double Bay first, for reasons only known to Premier Gladys the omnipotent.
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That being said, spending a few more minutes on our wonderful ferries is hardly an imposition.

Docking, I immediately knew I was in for a good day, with the city's skyline in full view of the reserve from which Darling Point wharf lies.

Darling Point Reserve itself is a much more modest affair, with some dry grass, a handful of trees and a generous use of sandstone,

Although I didn't mind this small water feature with some stone frogs and turtles.

The way out of the park is through some grand sandstone stairs,

some good hedging,

and a couple of benches with a view.

I also met this kookaburra.

Anyway, it was now time to get started on the suburb proper.

Matching the grandness of the suburb's entry are the houses I immediately started walking past.

Here, you've got well maintained heritage,

with a seemingly endless supply of beautiful old houses nestled in trees,

with expensive European metal parked outside.

If you continue uphill, the heavy wealth of manors begins to subside, and apartments make their way in instead.

Some look out of place in the hoity-toity surrounds,

but then, with a clearing between a couple of buildings, they begin to make sense.

But it's not only the houses that are vintage in Darling Point, I also happened upon some very different historic cars.

The limo turned out to be an ad for some property company with a scammy looking website. Bizarre.

Up until this point I'd been heading vaguely uphill. With a fork on the road, it was time to head back down, towards my next suburb.

On the way, I spotted some more interesting old houses,

and a new one with a car elevator. Lux.

This road led me to Rushcutters Bay Park.

From what I could tell, Rushcutters Bay Park is a large square of grass, where rich Eastern suburbs folks can dock their boats,

and walk their dogs.

Over this small bridge the park continues, but a new suburb begins.

Darling Point: If your darling likes grand houses and city views, this is the point to take them.