An attempt to visit every suburb in Sydney.

Here's a small suburb straddling the bounds of the Eastern Suburbs and the Inner City . Rushcutters Bay

Urban Oasis: Rushcutters Bay

Here's a small suburb straddling the bounds of the Eastern Suburbs and the Inner City.

Rushcutters Bay

Last I left you, I was crossing a bridge over a small canal through Rushcutters Bay Park.

This bridge marks the end of my previous suburb Darling Point, and the start of Rushcutters Bay. From this point, you can also get a decent view of apartments I can't afford from neighbouring Elizabeth Bay

On this side of the park I was met with a gorgeous piece of public land on the urban fringe, with trees, paths and some shiny water. 

Also here, a lush cricket oval and somewhere to practice your batting, with a smattering of apartments filling out the backdrop, 

not to mention a cafe and tennis court nestled in the trees. How pleasant.

Unlike some of the beautiful parks I come across in our suburbs, Rushcutters Bay Park actually seems to be used by the locals, with plenty of folks out and about on this lovely weekend day. 

Leaving the park, the very pleasant urban atmosphere continued, with a streetscape that gave me Brooklyn vibes.

With this suburb being just a couple of clicks from the CBD (a thirty minute walk would land you at Town Hall), it's no surprise that the few residential streets here are populated with apartments spanning multiple eras.

What may be more of a surprise however, are the suburb's green and leafy streets.

In just a few steps I landed on the wide and busy Bayswater Road.

Here, and on a side street just a few steps away, is Rushcutters Bay's small commercial area, featuring all of the local needs (mainly cafes). 

Rushcutters Bay is lovely, but very small. At this stage, I'd seen just about all of the suburb, so I headed to the bus stop next door to be transported to my next destination.

Rushcutters Bay: Eastern Suburbs leafiness meets Inner City living.