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Continuing our Northern Beaches bushwalk, this next two-for-one delivery hooks us up with some unbelievably gorgeous nature, and some mind-...

Highs and Lows: Balgowlah Heights and Balgowlah

Continuing our Northern Beaches bushwalk, this next two-for-one delivery hooks us up with some unbelievably gorgeous nature, and some mind-numbingly boring suburbia sprinkled in. 

Balgowlah Heights

If you start yourself on the Spit to Manly walk from neighbouring Clontarf, you'll eventually cross the border into Balgowlah Heights. The gorgeous bushwalk I started in the previous suburb continues here, with a mixture of rocky and boarded paths,

and most importantly, some rather tremendous coastal views of the cliffs around Sydney Harbour National Park.

I also found this really pointy tree.

From here, I was presented the option of continuing on the bushwalk, or taking a 200 metre detour to a lookout. Although I couldn't imagine that the views would be any better than what I'd seen so far, I can't say no to a lookout.

This slightly muddy deviation landed me streetside to a local Balgowlah Heights Park (bonus tiny city skyline in the distance).

Here, I was just a few steps away from Arabanoo Lookout.

As predicted, Arabanoo couldn't quite hold a candle to the views from the actual national park, but I appreciate the effort.

Back down.

It's hard to describe this walk apart from just saying it really is very pretty.

Before long, the walk led me to the small, cute Reef Beach,

where you can stop and enjoy the views, or simply continue your walk.

This way leads to a path which is apparently inaccesible during high tide,

before opening up to yet another beach - this one quite boat-heavy. 

As a significant portion of the beach was under construction, I continued on. 

The path led me back to the grass, where the next suburb begins.

Balgowlah Heights: Sydney doing what it does best. 


Leaving the picturesque views of Balgowlah Heights behind, I started on the next suburb, Balgowlah proper.

This section of the Spit to Manly directed me to some slightly less dramatic pavement,

and the cutest bench anyone's ever seen.

Sadly, the next section necessitated the use of a vertical road and path,

to once more return me streetside.

Follow the signage,

and you get to cross a wooden bridge,

through people's backyards,

and back to the street.

This is where I parted ways with the Spit to Manly. If you follow the route, you're meant to continue through this park (where you can see some kids running around inside bubbles in the distance. I want a go). 

Instead, I opted for yet another vertical road.

Walking through residential Balgowlah, I went past the neighbourhood watch,

to eventually reach the town centre.

No doubt influenced by COVID, Balgowlah CBD turned out to be a little bit of a ghost town, without too much open.

This was even true for the "new" bit centred around these apartments and shopping centre.

Somewhat underwhelmed, I took the bus back to the city from outside of this church.

Balgowlah: The Heights are better.

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