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This is the last instalment of "notable stops" featured in the Blacktown video . The culmination of a misnamed market, an impressi...

Good Marketing: Glenwood

This is the last instalment of "notable stops" featured in the Blacktown video. The culmination of a misnamed market, an impressive temple, and okay-suburbia make for a surprisingly competent suburb. 


As a suburb, Glenwood sits in our northwestern quarter. It's administered by Blacktown Council, but it pretends to be part of The Hills

The first stop on this Glenwoodian adventure is Parklea Markets. Contrary to its name, these markets actually sit outside the bounds of neighbouring Parklea, but are in this suburb instead. I'd never been here before so I was keen for an explore. 

Growing up, my folks frequented the hotbed of humanity that is Paddy's Markets in Homebush West, so I was expecting something similar. Sadly, things seem a bit less dramatic here. 

Unlike Paddy's, the fresh food section here is a little more grocer than wholesaler, and there was nary a trace of live rabbits or chickens for purchase. 
You can still buy knock-off branded clothes though, so that's something. 
From here (and after being stopped by the actually very polite security who thought I was casing the joint), I continued on to explore the suburb proper. 
Suburban Glenwood turned out to be a perfectly pleasant piece of suburbia. Modern houses without too many monstrosities, green grass and wide footpaths characterise this place. 
Although I did say only very few monstrosities.
But the suburb even has a lake.
Continuing on,
revealed a single heritage building. This is Glenwood Park House. I struggled to get a decent picture due to the big fence outside, but Google Maps has some decent images should you want more. 
Throw in a sporting field or two, 
and Glenwood turns out to be the kind of perfectly pleasant, yet entirely forgettable Western Sydney suburb that this city is filled with.
Bonus solar gang. 
There is, however, one point of interest left which elevates this suburb from forgettably pleasant to actually kind of cool.
Here is Gurdwara Sahib Glenwood, a very pretty Sikh place of worship. Close to 10% of Glenwood identified as following the Sikh religion in the 2016 Census, so if you're going to set down a Gurdwara, this seems like as good a place as any to do it. 
Bonus points go to the large car park front and back of the temple, allowing photos from both ends. 
And with that, tired from a day of filming myself walking around the streets of Blacktown, and running out of sun, I called it a day.

Glenwood: I wanted to write "Fully Sikh" as the tagline but Mrs Completing Sydney said it was too lame.

Oh, and before I sign off, a quick announcement. 

For a few months now, I've reduced to one post to a week due to Covid. I'll be ramping back up to normal now with two posts a week again (Thursday and Sunday). So I'll see you Thursday then.