An attempt to visit every suburb in Sydney.

This next Western Sydney suburb isn't going to be featured in any traveller guidebooks any time soon. That being said, it is a suburb, ...

Unglamorous: Yennora

This next Western Sydney suburb isn't going to be featured in any traveller guidebooks any time soon. That being said, it is a suburb, which is good enough for me.


Where? Yennora is a mixed industrial and residential suburb sitting almost perfectly west of the CBD, 22km as the crow flies. My all-too familiar routine meant a 39 minute train ride from Central to Yennora Station. This station is an entirely unnotable one.
Like many suburbs on the network formerly known as cityrail, Yennora is split in two by the rail line. The northern end is entirely industrial, while the southern end is mixed industry and residential. I figured I'd poke my head north first, before heading back over. 
The industrial suburbs of Western Sydney are not exactly expected to be beautiful. Yennora meets that brief, with rough grass and discarded shopping trolleys welcoming you as you leave the station. At least industrial suburbs almost always have good footpaths. 
Taking a stroll reveals the sorts of tenants you'd expect - car body shops, warehouses, and wholesalers,
all enjoying the wide and flat industrious streets of Yennora. 
I crossed the tracks to the south side to continue my Yennoran exploration.
The first thing to be found here was a room for rent, specifying no smoking, no drugs and no ACL. I'm not sure what ACL means but I suspect they're not referring to Australian Consumer Law. 
Residential Yennora on this side of the tracks is modest and unexciting. The standard dwellings are weatherboard or fibro houses on good-sized plots of land,
and with more industry just across the road. 
This is classic Western Sydney suburbia. Plain, unsexy, and not very memorable.
To really drive my point, here are the most exciting things I found in Yennora:
1. A footpath under construction.
2. This house with a rusty tin roof, but a brand-spanking new door.
3. A mulberry tree that has stained the footpath blue.
That being said, I did enjoy this house which has an extremely intricate miniature temple outside of its garage, 
as well as the unusual colour scheme of this newer build.
After walking a little bit further, Yennora finished and the next suburb began. 
Yennora: Probably won't win the Platinum Ibis this year. 


  1. Lol i love the reviews of the meaningless boring suburbs, i think because i sorta always wondered what was there and its good to have confirmation we arent missing much.

    1. There are sometimes some surprises and gems out there! This ain't one of them though.

  2. A.C.L would be alcohol, weird abbreviation though.