An attempt to visit every suburb in Sydney.

Last year, I visited Guildford West and regular Guildford . The keen suburber will note that there is one more Guildford left. Ladies and g...

Wine, Cheese and: Old Guildford

Last year, I visited Guildford West and regular Guildford. The keen suburber will note that there is one more Guildford left. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to

Old Guildford

I entered this suburb on foot, crossing the border from neighbouring Yennora
Just a few steps into the suburb, I spotted my first point of interest - a joint Gong Cha and Hot Star warehouse. As a lover of junk food, these are two Taiwanese chains which apparently have some sort of business relationship. I specifically enjoy Hot Star as the only chain I know of which specialises in selling an A4 sized piece of fried chicken. Here's a 2014 article from a Melbourne blogger enjoying this health food if you want to see a picture. 
With that out of the way, I entered into the residential streets of Old Guildford to see if there is anything else worth seeing here. 
First impressions? Pretty standard Western Sydney suburbia with your mix of small and old weatherboard or fibro houses,
newer, larger builds of questionable style,
and an above average amount of crap left on the footpath, such as this oil heater,
and a cake box filled with biryani. 
Curiously, there also seems to be an above average amount of Old Guildfordians who are also boat owners. 
Wandering the streets were this boyband of ibises. 
Nearly half of Old Guildford's residents are Arabic speakers, and this does show in some of the local, non-residential establishments here. My stroll took me past this no-fuss Lebanese bakery (which incidentally looks very delicious by the Google reviews),
an Arabic grocer next door,
and, across the street, an Arabic church with an interesting all-white design.
The rest of my exploration took me almost entirely through residential suburbia.
With more of the previously-described houses,
including this little sky-blue number. 
And a lady selling a stack of beautiful flowers from her front yard. 
Eventually, my walk through suburbia led me to the main Woodville Road,
where I was able to cross the road and enter my next suburb.

Old Guildford: Closing out the trifecta.