An attempt to visit every suburb in Sydney.

I'm still in the weird vaguely defined western " North Shore " area. Someone on my last post suggested we call this the "...

The Inner Northwest: Huntleys Point and Huntleys Cove

I'm still in the weird vaguely defined western "North Shore" area. Someone on my last post suggested we call this the "Inner North West". I liked it so much I've named this entire post after it.

Huntleys Point

After leaving the surprisingly lovely Henley, it was time to begin on the neighbouring Huntleys Point, the border of which begins after passing Huntleys Point ferry wharf.  

First impressions were good, with great views of Gladesville Bridge over Parramatta River available on my first steps into the suburb. 
From here, it was time to explore the suburb proper, by taking an elevated road parallel to the water. 
Similar to neighbouring Henley, the houses here are clearly those of well-to-do-folk,
and sitting tall on the hill to look over at the views. 
The other side of the road is a mixture of bush and parkland along the water. 
After not too long, this solitary road through Huntleys Point swaps the "house side" with the "grass side", with the houses now facing the water, and the other side of the road bare. 
This way continues underneath the Gladesville Bridge, with an industrial-chic approach to enjoying the riverside.
Just up the road from here, I found a bonus little public alleyway,
with more Gladesville Bridge themed payoff. 
That's more or less the entirety of this small suburb. From here, I started on a path to its neighbouring burb,
which led me a direction which clearly isn't super well travelled,
across and under the busy traffic,
past my buddy, 
and across the border into the next suburb. 
Huntleys Point: A lot of road, surrounded by a little bit of suburb.

Huntleys Cove

The natural continuation from Huntleys Point is Huntleys Cove. The okay-but-not-very-appealing path continued, to take me into this small suburb.
And boy is this a change. Along the leafy streets, this entire suburb appears to be some sort of townhouse complex, or at least private community.
Seems pleasant enough. 

On my map was a huge park nearby, so that's where I headed next,
apparently illegally. 
It turns out the public bit of the park - Riverglade Reserve - is behind that fence. 
I assumed I'd have to backtrack to get where I was trying to go, but luckily this fence has a gate, allowing me to escape into public land, lest I be detained under a citizen's arrest for encroaching on this fine community's grass. 
This led me through a slightly sketchy walk through the bushes,
and down a hill,
in order to discover a lovely piece of parkland by Tarban Bay and Creek.
The blue skies only helped my chipper mood at stumbling upon this place. 
Special mention goes to the mansions at the other end of the creek. Fancy. 
From here, my next suburb was right on the other side of the creek. 

To get there - this handy bridge. 
See you next time, The Huntleyses. 
Huntleys Cove: Private suburbia, without the creep-factor of Breakfast Point

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  1. My father lived in Huntley's Point right near the Gladesville Bridge.