An attempt to visit every suburb in Sydney.

Another gorgeous blue skied day, another wonderful Inner City suburb.  Woolloomooloo

Too many o's: Woolloomooloo

Another gorgeous blue skied day, another wonderful Inner City suburb. 


Woolloomooloo is a suburb immediately east of the CBD, most notable for its name which is much enjoyed by foreign visitors to Sydney. I entered on foot, bringing Mrs Completing Sydney with me again. 

Being the Inner City, the buildings are tall. 
But we got started to see what else we could learn about this place,
starting with this pleasingly curvacious hospital,
some assorted Inner City living options such as large apartments or small terraces, 
and, of course, an exotic car showroom,
sadly, this is not a sponsored post. 
I also saw these circles. 
Continuing on, it was all very pleasant so far, with that eclectic mix of Inner City heritage with skyscrapers in the background. 
At this stage, the walk was still mainly residential, with this next patch being all about the terraces.
Apparently, the cats of Woolloomooloo also put up personals ads. 
The cats live nearby Woolloomooloo's trademark -
a sign that helps you spell the suburb's name. 
Carrying on,
through more residential Woolloomooloo,
revealed more interesting juxtaposition,
more heritage,
and a very blue door. 
We finally reached this amazing street - Forbes Street. 
Forbes Street is a walking street, 
with beautiful old buildings, 
and a decidedly European vibe. 
My first thought? We need to do Christmas Markets here. 
Sydney Council - get on it!
And all just around the corner from the city. 
Even this sign agrees that Forbes Street is the best street. 
Continuing through this beautiful street, 
I soon reached the end. 
This is marked by this building, 
a beautiful old pub,
a tree,
the Royal Mail,
and one hell of a wharf. 
But this lovely shoreline isn't the reason I came to Woolloomooloo today (although that helped),
I actually came for the Sydney classic pie cart, Harry's Cafe De Wheels. 
There are a few of these dotted around Sydney and surrounds these days, but this is the original one. 
To speed up my heart today, I went for the Hot Dog De Wheels. This is a tremendous monstrosity with chilli con carne, mushy peas, cheese sauce and chilli sauce. This is a hot dog I had to eat with a knife and fork. 
Mrs Completing Sydney did the more low-key chicken mushroom pie with mash and gravy. Acceptable but overshadowed by my selection. 
Did you know that I often write these posts up after work but before dinner? I am very hungry now. 
Anyway, after lunch we backtracked slightly, 
towards the wharf. It turns out that you can't go inside the wharfy bit,
but part of it has been repurposed into a swanky looking hotel, 
and the other part? A boardwalk,
and many, many restaurants. 
This actually sits on the suburb's border with the city, so before calling it a day we took a stroll along the boardwalk, 
where they've set up all kinds of weird and wonderful sculptures... by the sea. 
Follow the path along,
and you end up on your way to the Botanic Gardens. 
Or if you don't want to head there, take these stairs, 
for a path into the city. 
Woolloomooloo: Not as hard to spell as Leichhardt.


  1. John Laws has an apartment at the end of the Finger Wharf. Russell Crowe used to have one before his divorce.

    1. Yes, that's what I was waiting for. John's house next to Russell's house, but alas, it wasn't to be ....
      Great post though. Is that Harry's really the original, I always thought it was but may have read otherwise recently, I'd better go and Google that while I can ....

  2. The original Harry's was in a caravan, parked at the bottom of stairs (I think) that led up to King's Cross. Pie n peas very late at night to soak up the copious amounts of alcohol consumed whilst having a good night out. Those were the days! Ha!

  3. The 'Loo has changed a lot. Thanks for showing this. Love the Finger Wharf, pity about it being so trendy.

  4. You could go inside the wharf! It’s partly a museum.