An attempt to visit every suburb in Sydney.

A significant chunk of my recent posts have been me strolling around the Inner City . Let's head back into suburbia.  Waitara

Suburbia Supreme: Waitara

A significant chunk of my recent posts have been me strolling around the Inner City. Let's head back into suburbia. 


Waitara is a suburb in Northern Sydney, neighbour to the far-better-known Hornsby. I intended to come in by train today but after missing my connecting train from Hornsby, I ventured in on foot through the busy and commercial Pacific Highway. 

The main industry here seems to be automotive, with car dealers, tyre shops,
and even car rentals being available here. 
Also of note was some child's lost donut. Sad days. 
Continuing on,
I passed by this Texas BBQ spot which I once ate at many years ago. It was good at the time. This is my helpful consumer advice. 
Taste of Texas is part of a small shopping strip, notably featuring a computer store with rather retro insignia. 
For no particular reason, I also enjoyed this light store with an apparent penthouse on top. 
After exhausting all of the excitement that Waitara's Pacific Highway has to offer, I found myself at the local shops by the station. 
It was time to cross the tracks and see what the other side of the suburb had to offer. 
In contrast to the highway, this side of Waitara is far more quiet and residential. 
I passed a small amount of old brick apartments,
before realising that Waitara, like its buddy Asquith to the near-north, has caught the development bug.  
I continued on through some public land by the local PCYC,
and cricketers' oval,
where the locals were indulging in a round of the popular sport "stand in the sun all day".
Nice tennis courts though. 
After dodging mach-speed flying balls, 
I finished passing through the park, where I met "before",
and "after". 
Before heading deeper into residential Waitara. 
The theme here more or less continued with a smattering of old houses,
new apartments, 
and the occasional unexciting shopping strip.
This one did feature a bloody large liquor store though, which is always a good thing. 
Much else to see in Waitara?
If there is, I missed it. 
There's this church,
somewhere to do Buddhism courses, 
and the most celebratory weatherboard house you'll ever lay eyes on (I think this one also belonged to the church). 
Interestingly, I also passed these units, where a proud Texan apparently lives. That's two Texas references in the same suburb. They're on fire today. 
After not too long,
I reached the suburb's edge. From here, I hopped on a quick bus into my next suburb. 
Waitara: I'll keep waiting.