An attempt to visit every suburb in Sydney.

This next suburb is perhaps the most obscure of the Inner City suburbs. Here's Forest Lodge

Who Named This One: Forest Lodge

This next suburb is perhaps the most obscure of the Inner City suburbs. Here's

Forest Lodge

Last I left you I was taking a footbridge from Camperdown and across Parramatta Road (aka Broadway). 

This footbridge is conveniently where Forest Lodge begins. 
Immediately, Forest Lodge is actually pretty interesting, with old buildings such as this cheese wedge,
and just a general heritage vibe. 
I thought these neighbours were particularly adorable. 
I walked through the streets which probably housed the factory workers of the yesteryear, 
as well as the lady from the matchboxes, 
and this pleasingly beige piece, 
to reach the start of a small commercial area,
which led me onto a slightly more main road. 
Here, the cool vintage buildings extended into the commercial lots as well. 
I continued on,
and the CBD of sorts petered out, 
with the road turning narrower and bushier,
but still vintage. 
I continued on through the now leafy inner city suburbia. 
Eventually arriving at this suburb's more modern rear. 
Here, Forest Lodge presented some apartment complexes, 
on a large plot of green space, 
which I continued on through. 
Interestingly, this part of Forest Lodge appears to be in some sort of canyon, with the more aged neighbours sitting up top of some cliffs next door. 
All in all, very pleasant. 
At the end of the path is perhaps this suburb's main attraction, The Tramsheds. 
The Tramsheds is a trendy building which primarily hosts restaurants aimed at the upper-middle class.

It also has a tram inside (as the name suggests, this location was the side of a former tram depot, back before some genius decided to tear out the city's extensive tram network. Here's a great ABC news article on the history of Sydney's old trams). 

Since I'd been out for a couple of hours now, I was ready for lunch. One of the restaurants here does takeaway seafood, which seemed like a decent option. 
Intriguingly, one of the options on the menu was something called lobster fries - perhaps a fancy answer to the humble snack pack. That's what I opted for today.

Result? Tasty enough with the chips, cheese sauce and sprinkling of lobster meat and parsley, but a little bit stingy to be honest. Worth a try but I wouldn't bother next time. 
From here I was free to depart The Tramsheds, 
via the dog and scooter parking, 
and head towards my next suburb.
Forest Lodge: A very cool yet relatively unknown Inner Sydney stop. 


  1. Fun fact: 10 years ago that canyon was home to the Harold Park Paceway where they would race horse trots.

    1. Exactly what I was going to say. I lived in Ross St, in one of only about heritage-style houses in the street which was the old entrance to the Paceway. Glad to see they're still there in the photos - they didn't get demolished to make way for the apartment city!

  2. I think that AAPT building used to be Lanham's Laundry, I worked there as a teenager. I could be wrong of course, but as soon as I saw it that's what came to mind!

    1. Lanhams Laundry lay between Lodge and Forest streets. I lived opposite its coal delivery entrance ( that is I lived in the terrace with ‘Redhead’ matchbox illustration on the electricity box). Coal deliveries were rowdy affairs every Thursday morning. It was a massive block demolished for modern terrace housing. Tgetrits still ran and the sound of horses clip clipping along the street at dawn and the smell
      of fresh baking bread from Demeters bakery in Catherine st permeated the senses teleporting us from the 1980s/90s to the 1920s.

  3. Tramsheds is lovely, but it's middle class at best haha

  4. Hello Yaz, I am enjoying your excursions. You might like to look at my series Concrete Creeks on my blogsite Pavement Graffiti. I talk about how I followed the course of Johnstons Creek last year, from Stanmore to Glebe via Annandale and Forest Lodge, though not necessarily in geographical order. You could even start with the last one, which explains your 'canyon.

  5. Fun fact: I was/am member number #001 of the refurbished Harold Park Hotal circa 2007/8 when it reopened across the road from what was - at the time - the Harold Park Paceway and is now a "canyon" full of crappy-looking units.