An attempt to visit every suburb in Sydney.

A couple of posts ago I was scamping through Sydney's Inner Suburbs  with one side of the Usyd Campus. Well, after a rude interuption, I...

Hogwartsy: Camperdown

A couple of posts ago I was scamping through Sydney's Inner Suburbs with one side of the Usyd Campus. Well, after a rude interuption, I'm back exploring the other side.


As alluded to in my preamble, Camperdown can be reached by crossing this pedestrian bridge from Darlington in the University of Sydney. 

After taking in just a touch of city view from the bridge,
I made landfall and began exploring the unmapped lands known to the local people as Camperdown. 
Well that's only partly true. Camperdown is actually quite a large suburb, most of it sitting outside of the Sydney Uni campus. That being said, my exploration today was mostly confined to campus so that this would not be an outrageously long post.  

When I travel overseas (remember doing that?) I often love visiting university campuses. They tend to have interesting buildings and a buzzing, youthful energy. Usyd Camperdown is no different (although due to uni holidays I wouldn't call this place buzzing).
The most famous landmarks here are the sandstone buildings and lawns that our other unis just can't match (and this is coming from a guy who went to UNSW).
And the most famous of those is the Quadrangle, pictured above.

You can actually head into the place,
to find more Hogwartsy goodness. 
Heading back out,
I took a short stroll to get to another point interest, just across the lawn.
This is the Chau Chak Wing Museum, a much newer fixture than the ornate Quadrangle. 
It replaces the Nicholson Museum which used to be on campus and houses a (free) collection of artefacts nicked from around the world.
I'm the wrong guy to cover the contents of an archaeological museum (maybe I'll bug The Intrepid Pea into doing a post on this place), but this place is pretty neat. 
Here's a few pictures from inside the museum.
They also have a small natural history section. I only mention that so I can segue into saying that I thought these were cute. 
Not a bad backyard too. 
After I'd finished looking at Greek Busts, Sumerian Tablets and Egyptian Sarcophaguses (Sarcophagii?), I left the museum
and the univeristy as a whole for that matter,
heading into Victoria Park, a large park at the edge of Camperdown's borders. 
This park has a pool that I did not visit,
walking paths that I did visit,
this bridge,
over what I can only describe as wetlands,
and many city birds. 
The park backs out onto Broadway, which is just a fancy way of saying Parramatta Road.
I followed Broadway (which always has me singing Frank Sinatra's New York New York in my head).
This led me to one more footbridge,
of course, being Broadway, this footbridge is also a theatre apparently. 
Footbridge Theatre was the footbridge I took to my next suburb.

Camperdown: I'm here to walk around and look at artefacts. And I'm all out of artefacts. 


  1. I have always wondered why a suburb with 'Camp' in the name had so many camping shops. Is it just a coincidence? Did someone have a 'Camperdown Camping' years ago just for the name recognistion?

  2. Way back in the 70's I went to a concert and the roof of the pool was the stage for all the bands! What a great day out that was, thanks for bringing that memory back.

  3. I lived in Annandale for years and was born at King George V Memorial Hospital for Mothers and Babies on Missenden Road opposite RPA.

  4. My parents met at Sydney Uni too, born at KGV and lived at Annandale, so feels like a bit of a birth place :)