An attempt to visit every suburb in Sydney.

We continue through Western Sydney with another fine "where the hell is that" suburb.  Constitution Hill

Return of the Arabic Pepsi: Constitution Hill

We continue through Western Sydney with another fine "where the hell is that" suburb. 

Constitution Hill

I pick up right where I left off, walking from Old Toongabbie over the border east into this suburb. 

This is a suburb I hadn't really heard of before, let alone been to, so I was interested to see if there was anything special to be found in this next patch of residential Western Sydney. 

The first sad bit of news can be attributed to the Constitution Hill name, this means having to walk uphill, which is always a bummer. 

But apart from the altitude, first impressions offered a fairly standard continuation of suburban Western Sydney, with its mixture of bog standard older homes,

and newer refreshments too.

This is all on some well kept footpaths, green lawns and just enough trees,

to make this all a perfectly acceptable suburb to go for an afternoon stroll. 

It's not going to knock your socks off, but it's perfectly fine.

I soon reached this suburb's very small commercial centre. 

This place features a local pizza joint, dentist, 

and patisserie which I once read online does some mean meat pies and cakes. I was too late in the day to verify this myself, but I'll leave it marked on my map for a visit one day. 

Also here is a Middle Eastern grocery store. You may remember back in Chester Hill that I passed another Middle Eastern grocery with slabs of Arabic Pepsi outside. Well this place had the same. This piqued my interest enough to head inside to the fridges and find out what all the fuss is about.

Adorably, they had these tiny cans in the fridge for $1, which I happily freed my pocket of some shrapnel for. 

Verdict? Tastes the same to me. 

I continued on, 

turning the corner,

and heading past some more local services,

such as this Chinese restaurant with chairs decorated in the style of an RSL's carpet,

as well as the local library. 

From here, the rest of the suburb is all residential as far as I could tell. As such, I headed south, through more Constitution Hill suburbia. 

Passing that familiar mixture of houses conventional to the area. New duplexes,

old weatherboard,

and anything brick.

I did see a few funkier options on my walk though, such as this two-toned weatherboard piece,

an exceedingly flat house, 

this "all windows, no fuss" house, 

and finally, blue trim. 

I continued south, heading towards the suburb's exit,

eventually reaching a steep mountain road with views of Parramatta, indicating I was departing the hill. 

At the bottom of the winding road, Constitution Hill ends, crossing me into the previously-covered Wentworthville. From there, I was able to hop onto a train home. 

Constitution Hill: Still waiting for that Pepsico sponsorship deal.