An attempt to visit every suburb in Sydney.

Our next stop keeps us in Western Sydney . Here's  Girraween

Solitary Stroll: Girraween

Our next stop keeps us in Western Sydney. Here's 


Girraween is immediately northwest of my previous suburb of Pendle Hill. As such, I entered by foot, landing in a fairly anonymous patch of Western Sydney suburbia. 

As such, I got started working out if Girraween has anything for the casual stroller-by. 
Here's a petrol station. Good stuff people. 
Anyway, residential Girraween is very suburban and perfectly okay. It's got your bog standard Western Sydney mixes of older brick, fibro and weatherboard houses,
on quiet suburban streets, 
with your much larger newer houses sprinkled in too. 
What can I say, really?
It's all actually rather pleasant, as far as suburbia goes.
The streets I walked through don't seem to have much through-traffic, and as such are quite quiet. The kind of place you teach a kid how to ride their bike. 
I continued on.  
Past more newer housing, some a little bit more on the evil side,
and some a little more classic. 
I also met this street baby. Rough neighbourhood apparently. 
The rest of my walk through Girraween essentially continues the same theme. 
Houses new and old, 
and quiet streets. 
It's okay.
This one's new and cubey. 
And this one seems bizarrely flat. 
I carried on,
eventually reaching something a little bit different (but temper your expectations). 
This here's CV Kelly Park. I don't know who Kelly is or why her CV has an entire park celebrating it,
but it's a pretty good local park, mainly with sports facilities, such as this square of grass. If you follow the path along,
you also find this circle of grass, where people do athletics, football, and whatever you use those cage things for (practicing cricket?)
I followed the path around the green, lest I relive my primary school days of catching a stray football to the face while casually walking across the oval,
and found this sort-of-adorable house on the other side of the fence.
The path soon ejected me out onto the street. It's here that Girraween ends and my next suburb begins. 
Oh and as I review Girraween on the map, it turns out there's also a large industrial patch taking up the southern end of the suburb (I covered the northern end). Of interest here are apparently chicken factories where you can buy large amounts of poultry. Good to know.

Girraween: Not much, and you?


  1. "The park was named after Charles Vincent Kelly, a farmer who previously owned the lands upon which the ground stands."..from Girraween Athletics Club webpage.

  2. Really enjoying your blog; stumbled upon your post on Reddit and have pretty much gone through most of your posts.
    Very nice!

  3. That cage looking thing is for discus and shotput. Drawing off my memory of athletics carnivals in primary and high school.