An attempt to visit every suburb in Sydney.

Our stroll through Sydney's lovely north continues with  Wahroonga

That is a Tasty Burger: Wahroonga

Our stroll through Sydney's lovely north continues with 


The last suburb I put up was North Wahroonga. I actually entered Wahroonga first, with my bus to North Wahroonga dropping me off in its southern brother. This meant a got a sneak peak of the suburb before exploring it properly. 

Quite similar to North Wahroonga, Wahroonga itself also features expensive looking houses, 
in leafy suburban surrounds. 
Sadly, I missed out on buying this seven bedroom, triple-story house with pool and tennis court due to sleeping in on this day. And yes, the real-estate sign has its own solar panels. Renewable. 
Anyway, before long my sneak peak into Wahroonga ended, and I entered North Wahroonga on their almost singular entry point. 

Wahroonga Part II

After emerging from the endless excitement of North Wahroonga, where I looked at houses and got lost in the bush, I was now on a mission. Head to Wahroonga CBD to get lunch. This meant heading south through the suburb's leafy streets,

and large houses.
My walk took me past a handful of things,
such as this pleasingly pointed house, complete with security fence,
and a less pointy but equally secure house. Clearly there's a lot of riff-raff in Wahroonga (mainly me to be real with you). 
I'm not sure how many ways there are for me to package up the same message. Leafy streets. 
Wealthy-seeming landowners. 
If you ever feel uncomfortable about the state of the haves and have-nots in this country, just remember, these guys probably get spiders in their houses all the time.
After heading through much more of the same which I will now skip through,
including a clearly haunted house,
and one of these, 
I soon (well, eventually) reached, 
something different. Wahroonga Park.
Owing to the beautiful blue-skied day, this decent sized patch of grass was in good use today.
They have one of these (is this a rose garden?) 
they have some post-modern sculptures, 
and plenty of space to sit and have a picnic. 
Luckily, Wahroonga Park backs out,
right next to the train station. 
Which meant I made it to the town centre. 
There are many things in Wahroonga town centre, 
but I was not here for those many things. You see, the day before I had seen a very attractive burger on the internet which I needed to try. It was from here, Burger Hounds. 
I came here for the "Canuck" burger, a Canadian-themed burger with beef, maple-bacon-jam, cheese, and tater-tots poutine. $21 seemed rather steep for just the burger so I was hoping it would be good. 

It was good. Really good. Big, beefy, sweet, salty, crunchy, all the things. My picture is rubbish as I was more interested in eating the burger than Instagramming it, and taking it out of the box for the photo opportunity seemed risky (and messy). I am happy with my choice.
They also do American soft drinks, which I much obliged (I'm one of those weird people who enjoys the sweet medicinal taste of Dr Pepper). The side of chips was way too big, especially next to the chunky burger, so I ate about 5 pieces and took the rest home. 
They were acceptable but not life changing. 
After significantly stressing my heart and arteries, I had a quick poke around Wahroonga town centre before heading home. 
Here, I found your standard local shops fare, with many places to eat, 
the local pollie, 
and a knick-knacks store. 
Apart from that, they also have an adorable facade on this strip of shops, 
and a cafe where bringing your pup is apparently the thing to do. 
And with all of that done, 
I headed back to the station to make my way home. 
Wahroonga: What's with all the fences?



  1. That burger looks yum! And I hope they get lots of spiders lol 😈

    1. "If you can't eat the rich, get spiders to eat them for you"
      - Ancient proverb

    2. Alternatively, if you can't eat the rich, eat a Canadian-inspired burger instead.

  2. Dude, I love Dr. Pepper. You're not alone.