An attempt to visit every suburb in Sydney.

Northern Sydney , the lands of blue skies, green trees and long commutes.  North Wahroonga

Trailwalker: North Wahroonga

Northern Sydney, the lands of blue skies, green trees and long commutes. 

North Wahroonga

After exploring my previous suburb of Waitara, I hopped on a quick bus which dropped me off in a third mystery suburb. From there, it was a short walk on a green and leafy residential street in order to enter North Wahroonga.

Immediately, this is some fancy suburbia, with some very well kept older houses, 

on some very leafy streets. 
As there's a single road in and out of the suburb, with no through traffic, this place is also exceedingly quiet. 
I continued deeper into the suburb, passing plenty of well-to-do but not obscene homes (this isn't the Northwest, after all).
A large part of North Wahroonga's footprint is taken up by undeveloped bushland, so I figured I ought to squeeze in a quick bushwalk today. As such, rather than walking purely into suburbia, I took a side street east,
through more houses owned by people who call themselves comfortable,
towards the thick foliage in the distance. 
As I went, the land got steeper, 
best evidenced by this guy's vertical lawn,
and before long,
I reached a trailhead into the bush.
The land here is essentially a continuation of Ku Ring Gai Chase National Park, although not part of the park itself to my knowledge. 
Regardless, I got to enjoy an easy but very pleasant walk on a wide and rocky trail through the trees. 
These are also apparently considered streets somehow. 
Special call out goes to this particularly well defined creek. 
My goal was to take this short bushwalk and exit at a park called Cliff Oval towards the suburb's east. Google Maps did not believe that there was a path to Cliff Oval the way I was going, however Open Street Maps did. A trail marker seemed to support Open Street Map's opinion,
telling me to walk this way. 
This way was, shall I say, less well defined than the wide trail I'd been jaunting on prior. 
Eventually, I got what I can only describe as "lost in the bush", 
so I turned myself around and headed back to the main trail. Apparently my camera did not appreciate this decision and chose to corrupt this image. Neat. 
This wasn't actually a huge deal, after all, the main trail could also lead to Cliff Park, just on a longer route.
This route turned out to be far better anyway, as instead of macheting my way through the jungle, I just had to walk.
I soon found another one of these lying sticks, 
this one, thankfully, did lead me to where I was trying to get to. 
So it turns out that Cliff Oval is just a regular old oval without too much to see. 
I liked these though. I don't know what they are.
Luckily, I was now at liberty to head towards my next suburb, which was great because I was also ready for lunch. Sadly, the local pavilion is only sponsored by the local Northern Sydney chicken shop (incidentally, I've never had Chargrill Charlie's, is it good?) and does not contain an actual branch.
This meant leaving the grounds,
back into the suburb proper,
and, of course, passing a few more well-kept houses on the way out. 
North Wahroonga: Stick to the main path.

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  1. I used to live in Boundary Road and my sons played rugby with the Wahroonga Tigers, so have spent many happy hours watching matches at Cliff Oval. Thanks for this, brought back many memories.