An attempt to visit every suburb in Sydney.

After not too long an absence, I'm back in the Inner West . Let's go.  Summer Hill

Had Me a Blast: Summer Hill

After not too long an absence, I'm back in the Inner West. Let's go. 

Summer Hill

Today I had a dinner appointment for some wonderful dumplings in the suburb of Ashfield. I decided to head in a little bit early, and explore the neighbouring Summer Hill first.

Naturally, I got in by train today. 

Summer Hill station exits into the suburb's CBD. 

This is a pleasant, but fairly standard affair, with vintage buildings of mixed eras, 

and expected local services. 

The focal point of town is the town plaza which probably has a name. 

This square features a proud bench,

and proud... bricks,

as well as this nifty fountain and flowerbed, 

and mural.

The place to be today seemed to be this pizza place neighbouring the plaza. Is it good? I don't know but the good people of Summer Hill seem to think so. 

I continued deeper into Summer Hill, past some more dining options, 

and to this T-intersection continuing the vintage shopfront theme. 

Here, there appeared to be some trendy Inner West places to quench your thirst, 

and a faded wildlife-inspired mural that I didn't bother crossing the road to capture properly. 

My highlight is this frog - presumably the type you can lick for a natural high. 

I continued on through the 'burb, and toward my end goal of Ashfield and dumplings. 

This took me through a quieter corner, with some more heritage shopfronts,  

(bonus yellow door), 

and the very cool old post office,

which now also appears to be a bar. 

Continuing on took me to what is probably this suburb's highlight - the immense stack of heritage houses,

of seemingly every style. 

I found these twins (also pictured above) to be particularly swell. 

Also of interest - this manor,

some stylish old units,

and a church so grand that I'm going to call it a cathedral. I expect this will cause legal action by the European Union against this blog for trademark protection. I also call all sparkling wine champagne, and Nescafe coffee, so I'm clearly not a purist.


Summer Hill's beautiful suburbia continued as I carried on,

into the blinding late afternoon sun. 

Coming toward the suburb's western border with the Fields of Ash, the suburb offered up a handful more spiffy homes.

This one isn't especially spiffy, but has it's own name, so it gets a mention.

And this former newsagents-gone-art studio. 

The end of the suburb is marked by this church.

And with that done, I continued into the sunset towards my destiny (dumplings, specifically). 

Summer Hill: But uh-oh those summer nights. 


  1. I know it well! The mural in the square features the facade of the grand old Summer Hill Theatre (demolished in the 1970s) on the other side of the tracks.

  2. A cathedral is actually where the bishop of the diocese has his headquarters. Doesn't matter how big the church is, if there's no bishop, there's no cathedral.