An attempt to visit every suburb in Sydney.

This next suburb, for what I can only assume is due to a large amount of Olympians reading this blog, keeps getting requested. Well, it'...

2000 Fresh: Newington

This next suburb, for what I can only assume is due to a large amount of Olympians reading this blog, keeps getting requested. Well, it's here. 


Newington lies on the edge of industrial Silverwater, my previous suburb. 

The final hurrah of Silverwater's industry can be seen spilling into the suburb as you cross the corner into its neighbour.

My first Newington street was the grandly named Avenue of the Americas. What a start. 

The Americas had some difficulties to overcome, 

but the resilient people of The New World persevered. 

I next found the Avenue of Europe. This prompted me to check the map, where I learned that Newington also boasts avenues of Asia, Africa and Oceania, in what is presumably a tribute to the Sydney 2000 Olympics (Sydney Olympic Park is the next suburb over). 

Newington is actually the site of the Olympic village, where the athletes stayed and presumably enjoyed their steroids. My preparation is poor, so I don't actually know which houses were used for this purpose. Here are some apartments on Europe Avenue anyway. 

From here, I was led to the "town centre" where the local shops are. 

The shops are fairly unnotable, with a few takeaways and a supermarket, but nothing to write a blog about. 

Across the road, however, 

the Olympic theme continues. This is Pierre de Coubertin Park. 

Pierre was a French fellow who is often regarded as the bloke who brought back the modern Olympics. He also has one hell of a moustache, which in and of itself deserves a park named after you.
Image from the Dutch National Archives and used under the Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Netherlands (CC BY-SA 3.0 NL) License

Park de Coubertin contains park-like things, such as grass, 

playground, and plaque,

with every 2000 Australian Olympian and Paralympian listed.

The Playground is also notable for being in the shape of the Olympic Rings. Here's an aerial view.

Apart from the Olympic flavour, Newington CBD is not unlike other suburban town centres, with apartments, a smattering of casual restaurants, and walking paths,

and this rice bubble car with a lifetime supply of bumper stickers. 

I also found this roundabout pleasing.

From what I could tell, the remainder of the suburb is modern, medium-density residential, with the previously mentioned apartments by the town centre,

and town houses once you get a few streets out. These town house types seem to cover the rest of the suburb.

As such, I chose not to explore further, headed back to the park,

and grabbed a bus to the nearest train station from across the road. 

Newington: Legend has it that when the visiting Olympians weren't sure about staying in Newington, they were soothed by the knowledge that Thorpie said the suburb is fully sick.