An attempt to visit every suburb in Sydney.

Another day, another dollar Southwest Sydney suburb. Prestons

Suburban Circuit: Prestons

Another day, another dollar Southwest Sydney suburb.


Prestons is immediately north of my previous suburb, Edmondson Park. This meant that getting in was just about crossing the outrageously wide Camden Valley Road. 

Resisting the urge to visit the latest social media app's bricks and mortar location,  

I started on the pedestrian and cycle way running parallel to the road. 

This path has trees and grass along the side, helping you forget that you're walking along a main road, 

and by hazardous chemicals. 

Still very pleasant, all things considered. 

After a reasonable distance, I reached the local shopping centre, where I left the path and took the opportunity to treat this as my first point of interest. 

This is a very standard local shopping centre. A supermarket, a small selection of services,

and some restaurants facing the carpark. 

It was about the time to stop for lunch, so I parked myself at this chicken and burger shop with good online reviews. 

I can never not eat a Portuguese Chicken burger.  


After my personal moment, I left the shops,

and headed into suburban Prestons. 

Here, I found relatively modern suburbia, 

with fairly new brick houses,

and even some trees they haven't bulldozed. 

All very standard and unmemorable Western Sydney suburbia. 

Definitely not unpleasant,

but not the kind of place you find in a postcard either. 

I continued on past this roundabout, 

to find, unsurprisingly, more of the same. 

This is where the big undeveloped nature patch came into its own, 

helping break up the otherwise "perfectly okay" suburbia into something a little bit prettier. 

Special mention goes to this lovely flowering bush. 

I continued past a street named after Toyota's people-mover, 

past a giant truck casually parked on the footpath, 

and onto the cutely named Kookaburra Road. 

This led me through a miniature park and playground, in fine 1990s greens and purples,  

to a bizarrely steep hill I had to climb, 

and back to the street, 

where the shops are. 

Satisfied I'd gotten a feel for the place with my little suburban circuit, I returned onto the pedestrian path on Camden Valley Road and continued on, 

soon crossing the border into my next suburb.

Prestons: How many chicken burgers can I eat on this blog before people complain?


  1. that 'lovely flowering bush' im pretty sure is lantana, one of the most noxious invasive weeds in NSW lmao. oh well looks pretty i guess

    1. Hey a pretty weed is still pretty :)

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Very poisonous and stinky, though! And most unpleasant to bushwhack through. It somehow doesn't look pretty once you join the anti-lantana brigade.

  3. Anonymous, you beat me to it. Definitely lantana, the scourge of rural and bush Australia. It monopolises everything. "Ornamental" varieties are sold at plant nurseries, but they too can take over. Crazy that it's permitted to be sold.

  4. Sorry to be unoriginal, but a similar comment about lantana, scourge of native bushland, was what first came to mind when reading this post. But apart from that, congrats on your mighty project, Yaz.

  5. Gah! Didn't even visit the Prestons Shopping Village!