An attempt to visit every suburb in Sydney.

I came to Edmondson Park, and planned an entire day of suburbsing around it, entirely for one immature purpose. Let me show you what that is...

Half Baked: Edmondson Park

I came to Edmondson Park, and planned an entire day of suburbsing around it, entirely for one immature purpose. Let me show you what that is.

Edmondson Park

My train ride to Edmondson Park Station (45 minutes from Central if you catch a good train) was the first time I got to experience the relatively-new Leppington Branch off the southwest line. I always assumed that this 2015 rail extension was longer than it actually is, but it's literally two train stations. 

I had expected this suburb to be nothing but grass and new houses with black roofs, but to my surprise, there appeared to be a shopping centre, apartments and cinema by the station. As such, I headed in that direction first. 

Unfortunately, Edmondson Park's CBD was still under construction and not yet open on my visit a couple weeks ago. It looks like the place literally opened three days ago, so that's some wonderful timing on my part. 

With this excellent planning out of the way, I crossed to the other side of the station to make my way to why I came here in the first place.

This landed me at the kind of station cark park which leaves your seatbelt buckle molten in the summer, 

and a long road into the suburb proper. 

Over here, Edmondson Park wasn't much more finished, with construction banners, 

sale banners, 

and plenty of undeveloped space. 

I headed down this uninviting street, 

past the condemned, 

and hanger-onners,

towards more of what I was expecting for this place. 

By now, I've been to plenty of new developments, so there isn't much new to say. This one was still particularly incomplete, so unless you love builder's dust and portaloos, this isn't yet one for a weekend stroll. 

The state of development differs street by street and corner by corner. Some are complete and inhabited, 

and some don't yet exist. 

I continued on to one particular street. 

So what's here that drove me to come all the way out to Edmondson Park today?

Well, recently doing the rounds on social media was the rather spicy A Current Affair story about some poor guy who's dropped 700 grand on a house and land here and... well, take a look:

Is this what they call a halfway house? 

It feels a little bit mean travelling across Sydney just to look at this guy's half a house, but with a little bit of creative marketing, this could be Southwest Sydney's answer to the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

With Edmondson Park's main tourist attraction checked off, I continued on through this newly minted suburbia, 

past a house with the world's tiniest solar panels, 

a cube, 

and, yes, another 50% off sale. 

This suburb truly is a thing of beauty. 

Did I see much else here? Not especially. 

More new houses,

and more empty plots and unfinished roads.

I somehow ended up on the wrong side of this fence, but I was able to skirt through without much drama. 

Control+C, Control+V. 

After going through what I thought was a shortcut (I mean, it was), I ended up tresspassing on a still-under-construction mosque. 

Nice building though. 

This mosque led to Camden Valley Way, the mainest of the main roads in Edmondson Park. It turns out you're not supposed to get here on foot, because there isn't really anywhere to walk. 

But I managed to make it to this petrol station and drive-thrus without getting run over, so it all worked out in the end. 

Notably, Petersham Portuguese chicken joint Frangos has set up shop here, offering a drive-thru per the the Western Sydney service requirements. 

From here, I was at the suburb's edge. I crossed the road and entered my next suburb. 

Edmondson Park: You could just join the two half houses to make a regular house and still have a plot of land left over. 

Oh, and it turns out that this was suburb 300. Neat. 


  1. The grimmest burb so far, I'm afraid. Kind of you to do it so we don't have to, but I have to hope the next one is a bit less charmless. About to see ...

    1. To be fair to it though, it is still under construction!

  2. We just moved from Edmonson Park the construction area was quite big and there's SOO much illegal dumping in the back areas of it. It'll look nice once done up but there's some grubby people out there. I feel for the guy in the half a house. It doesn't look long enough to compensate.