An attempt to visit every suburb in Sydney.

Before I start, this is your obligatory reminder to vote in the poll of where I travel to in August , if you haven't already.  Next, I b...

Poquito: Wareemba

Before I start, this is your obligatory reminder to vote in the poll of where I travel to in August, if you haven't already. 

Next, I bring you one of the smallest suburbs in Sydney (but not the smallest, that's Englorie Park in Southwest Sydney). 


Wareemba is an Inner West suburb immediately south of Abbotsford. To get in, I continued my stroll down Buffalo and Bison Bay and crossed into the suburb. 

The bay's pretty on this side of the border too,

as is the streetscape in general. 

Being waterfront, the houses are predictably fancy-looking, matching their presumably disgusting pricetags. 

I also liked this very grand tree. 

Being such a small suburb, I couldn't hang by the water forever, 

and soon had to head inland. 

In case you're wondering, there are some more fancy houses up this way too,

while some others are totally adorable. 

In fact, similar to Abbotsford before it, the mean streets of Wareemba have one hell of a range of housing styles. 

After not too long, I found myself at the local shops. 

This turned out to be a surprisingly large strip of shops, considering the suburb's otherwise fleeting footprint. 

Apart from a couple of cafes though, on my visit Wareemba CBD was a pretty quiet place to be. 

From the shops, I continued through Wareemba.

Here, I passed an appropriately tiny reserve, 

And more of every housing style of the twentieth century. 

Special mention goes to this tree-stump mailbox. 

Continuing along, 

I soon hit a crossroads, 

marked by this impressively old building. 

That building marks the end of Wareemba and the start of the next suburb. 

Wareemba: Abbotsford, but for those who can only spare 15 minutes. 


  1. Good gracious -- I have walked right through Wareemba numerous times and never knew it! Just goes to show how valuable this blog is -- TX!

  2. Trovatino's is really worth the stop!