An attempt to visit every suburb in Sydney.

I hope you had a very fine week of staying at home. Here's another post from when exploring Sydney was an acceptable reason to leave the...

Is This The Hills: Winston Hills

I hope you had a very fine week of staying at home. Here's another post from when exploring Sydney was an acceptable reason to leave the house.  

Winston Hills

Head immediately south of Baulkham Hills and you'll reach Winston Hills. As a suburb, I don't know much about Winston Hills except that I expect that they consider themselves part of The Hills, but the rest of the The Hills probably don't. 

I started on the suburb by arbitrarily choosing a residential street near the suburb's eastern border at Windsor Road. It turned out to be this one. 

First impressions? Perfectly pleasant, unassuming suburbia featuring the relative modernity of Northwest Sydney, without the gaudiness of The Hills proper.

Front yards, greenery and gum trees are all standard issue. 

I chose another arbitrary residential street to see if the theme continued. This one was a bit wilder, with half of the street hosting undeveloped bushland, 

and the other half, more familiar suburbia. 

I could also hear what sounded like a small waterfall, but it may have just been a creek running through the bush. 

Across from here is the reasonably sized Lion's Park. 

The main calling here is the local shop,

an upstream extension of the creek I unsuccessfully tried to look at earlier

and space for generic recreational activities. 

Moving on,

I continued to another arbitrary Winston Hills spot,

to a road which, once again, straddles houses and bushland. 

This bushland is really only significant for marking Winston Hills' southern border with Constitution Hill, home of the Arabic Pepsi. 

Naturally, I took a stroll to see what I could see. 

One relatively minor point of interest here is that they've decided to name streets after clever people. Here's the corner of Edison and Nobel. 

Notable maths-guy, Euclid came to join too. Other streets in the area include physics-guy Einstein and radio-guy Marconi. 

But before I reached Euclid, I had to continue skirting the suburb's southern border,  

which is actually surprisingly pretty.  

This took me above suburbia, 

and past this perculiarly perfect square of grass. 

I soon returned to human altitude, 

and continued through the houses. 

Per other bits of the suburb, unremarkably normal houses are what Winstonians enjoy here too. 

This marks where the Third Settlement Reserve begins, a park named for neighbouring Toongabbie - Australia's third European settlement.  

Perhaps unsurprisingly considering the way I travelled to get here, this reserve is marked with lumpy hills, a good amount of bushland, 

walking paths, 

and a bit of muddy river - also part of the suburb's southern border. 

The other points of (relative) interest here are the local Scout Hall, 

and some ducks. 

With the duckspotting successfully completed, it was time to head back into the car and onto the next suburb. 

Winston Hills: Nothing to do with that blinds guy who's always on the radio.


  1. You missed going to the Winston Hills Shopping Mall where they have ALL THREE supermarket chains in the one place - Coles, Woolies and Aldi!