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As we get deeper into lockdown, our hair gets more dishevelled, and the main highlight of the day is playing press-conference bingo. I can&#...

Consumerism: Bella Vista

As we get deeper into lockdown, our hair gets more dishevelled, and the main highlight of the day is playing press-conference bingo. I can't help feel that a blog about walking around and looking at shit is a little bit on the nose.

Still, here's 

Bella Vista

Bella Vista is another suburb in the city's North West. I was once again chauffeured by Mrs Completing Sydney who drove us here from the previous suburb of Winston Hills.  

As we entered the suburb's bounds, I took a photo of this huge house from the car window,

before stopping on a quiet, suburban, Bella Vistan street.

This is where Bella Vista lets us know exactly what its all about. Double storey brick houses - some with fake putt-putt lawns, 

some with tall driveways, 

and a larger than required number with triple garages. 

You know people have way too much stuff when they not only have a triple garage, but have three cars parked outside, meaning that their triple garage is chock-full of exercise bikes, camp stoves, and other items purchased from infomercials. 

At the end of this street is a sports oval. This would be fairly unnotable, except for the fact that the carpark directly faces the field. I can't help but wonder how many car windows are broken per year by stray soccer balls from botched kicks. 

Other uninteresting facts about this oval is that it borders the M7 Motorway,

and this drainage pipe is where ibis hang out. 

Carrying on,

another street was chosen. 

This one with even more flashy houses. Look at all that black glass,

and white paint. Maybe a family of sixteen actually live here and it's hence reasonably sized, but I doubt it. 

Other questionable design choices include this fake-cracked door and garage. 

Moving on. 

The next Bella Vista stop was not chosen at random, and so we headed to Bella Vista Farm Park. 

Here there are picnic tables, 

cycle paths, 

this log, 

and yes, some sort of farm building. 

Unfortunately, the farmy bit of the farm is behing a big fence and you can't get in,

leaving me just with a pleasant, but otherwise forgettable, hill with vague views of Bella Vista. 

With that, we continued on to the next bit of the suburb, its corporate district. 

Here, you've got the glass office buildings you may expect, 

and even a few local services such as banking, accounting and dentistry,

as well as this Indian restaurant Chatkazz. Unfortunately today I wasn't stopping for an Indian lunch, but I can vouch for this place's tastiness and outrageously large menu full of unrecognisable items for someone like me who enjoys Indian food but often has very little idea what's going on when interpreting menus without pictures. 

At this point, I figured I'd seen enough and was ready to head to my next suburb. On the way, I had to stop at one more outrageous house. 

So big I couldn't fit it in frame. 

They even have underground parking. You live in The Hills, why the hell do you have underground parking? 

And with that done, now I could get to my next suburb. 

Bella Vista: Ginormous houses, corporate offices and a farm that's not a farm. 


  1. Mate, re your comment at the top, blogs like this are ACE when it comes to lockdown. It makes housebound readers recall there's a world out there, and we get to experience it via the blog, without breaking a single regulation. Now, Bellie Viz might not be pristine wilderness, but at least it's not the same old streets we see every day in our lockdown areas. And your acerbic commentary is icing on the cake. So think of the blog as a public service, and accept the gratitude and tribute of your readers!

    1. Thanks mate, your comment is very kind. Here's hoping we can get back out for real sooner rather than later :)

  2. I agree with the other dude. Keep up with the great work, Yaz.

  3. I remember driving past the big house with underground parking and thinking "just, wow!!".