An attempt to visit every suburb in Sydney.

It's a little known fact that everyone in the world sets their clocks based on the time in this next suburb. Greenwich

Greenwich Mean Suburb

It's a little known fact that everyone in the world sets their clocks based on the time in this next suburb.


Greenwich is yet another North Shore spot which neighbours my previous suburb of Northwood. After a bushwalk from the former, I popped out onto this field.

This field is next to this old bridge,

which is next to some water. 

All of this is part of Bob Campbell Oval, 

and to begin with the suburb proper, I chose to take this bushwalk. 

As we've recently spent a fair amount of time bushwalking, I won't bore you with too many of the details, apart from to say that this bushwalk hugs an inlet of the Lane Cove River, 

meaning there's a bit of aqua to look at, 

and that otherwise, it's a bit of a vertical affair.

After not long, I was at street level, where I could begin exploring suburban Greenwich. 

God dammit. 

After eventually surfacing (and stopping for a sip of water on the opportune bench at the top), 

I was now ready to get back into looking at people's houses.

This one is named Cockatoo and has a teddy residing there. 

After passing this strange planter by the road, 

I found myself at this small street, closed today for what appears to be a child's party. In my mind, there are two options here: one, someone here felt entitled enough to close an entire street for their child's birthday party; two, the council is willing to close an entire street for some child's birthday party. 

Put your votes in on what's going on here. 

With the questionable legality of all that out of the way, I carried on, 

past Santa's 4WD, 

and some typical heritage North Shore homes. 

I wonder if the owners of this sandstone number approve of their neighbours' styling.

Regardless, this is clearly another example of a suburb with real wealth. 

I mean, who else can get a public street closed for little Billy's eighth?

A little on, I spotted this pretty piece of sandstone heritage, 

and this very Karen-spec sign. Now, I did not see any CCTV here, but assuming that the sign isn't lying, what exactly are you planning to do with a video of someone's dog pooping on the nature strip? 

Following the street along, I found more characteristic North Shore suburbia, 

and this uncharacteristic industrial thing that you're probably not allowed to photograph. 

I carried on, 

through more of the cashed-up surrounds, 

learning about the moral issues of our age,

and heading downhill, 

to here. 

Greenwich Baths, as you may expect, is a public pool in Parramatta River (the suburb of Greenwich sits at the point where the Lane Cove River meets the Parramatta, before it all turns into Sydney Harbour upstream. Or is that downstream?) 

Nearby is this piece of concrete probably left here by aliens... or the Romans, 

and another waterside path you can take. 

Along here, you've got views of the city, 

and a railing with whimsical messages about enjoying life.

And it isn't too hard to enjoy life when you're in places like this. 

I soon backtracked along the path, 

heading past the baths,

and finding myself back in residential Greenwich,

where I perhaps began to understand the need for CCTV. 

I also stumbled upon this great old house. 

From here, 

it's a short distance to another small and scenic park, 

and equally as important - the Greenwich Point ferry wharf. 

Always an excellent commute. 

Greenwich: Pretty, if a bit entitled. 


  1. I see the beginning of a political saga here, one that follows the plot of the ex-deputy mayor of Auburn who shut down streets for his wedding. I look forward to further updates of this new scandal. It's kind of weird for councils to want to put down plastic grass everywhere, but I agree, possibly lower down on the list of worries in these difficult times.

    This is a very enjoyable post and I like how you are showing these little bushwalk connections between quiet leafy suburbs (thanks no doubt to Open Street Map, a wondrous invention). It sets up the atmosphere very nicely.

  2. I'm in agreement with Anonymous. Who would hire a bouncy castle after the current deaths around the world? Whose knickers I wonder.

  3. Thanks for bringing back some pleasant memories for me. In 15 years of soccer I only ever scored one goal and that was at Gore Creek Reserve.

  4. There's a park in front of the kid's party that they could have used instead.

    Thanks for this, I've been there by road but never walked into the parks.