An attempt to visit every suburb in Sydney.

Next in line is another Western Sydney favourite, as requested by nobody at all.  Birrong

Ibis Island™: Birrong

Next in line is another Western Sydney favourite, as requested by nobody at all. 


Birrong sits just east of my previous suburb Sefton. I walked into the suburb on this park-lined street, 

by fields and a path, 

the all-important ducky crossing sign, 

and this, Maluga Passive Park. What makes a park passive? Let's find out. 

It may be these mohawk pigeons hanging out by the path in. 

It may be the park's surprisingly large footprint of grass and gum trees tucked into an admittedly average bit of suburbia.

It may be the lakes and overgrown shrubs where Ibis Island™ stands. 

Here's a supremely poor quality zoomed in image of Ibis Island™. Look at them all. 

Crossing this bridge, 

I met some land-lubbing ibises colonising the mainland,

and some ducks. 

Here's the bouncer of Ibis Island™.

I suspect their next move is the local homes. 

For what it's worth, the park also has a decent playground and picnic area. Anyway I've spent enough time at this park now showing you pictures of birds,

so it's probably about time to start on this suburb proper. 

Initially, I was expecting this suburb to pretty much look the same as it's neighbour Sefton. For instance, here's a beautifully mint flavoured fibro house, 

but there are slightly different vibes here. 

For instance, this house is funny looking - I like it. 

And this newer double story is a lot more typical these days of what you find in Western Sydney.

Other unconventional living options include this electrical thing,

and this toy graveyard.  

Sadly, lynching is still a thing in Birrong. 

This place has it all. 


And just down the road from the toypocalypse, a small strip of shops. 

Here's Grind House Cafe. Being a cafe, they advertise milkshakes, cakes and acai bowls. This being Bankstown council, they also advertise shisha. 

I actually dragged Mrs Completing Sydney along with me today. As a bribe, I promised waffles.

As a bonus payment, a super refreshing lime-mint juice. 

Continuing on after this, 

took us past an old-school doctor surgery - why is this such an iconic suburban doctor look - 

and an even older-school barber. Well, the sign says barber, the exterior and satellite dish says undercover ASIO office. 

Moving on. 

Soon led me to the railway line, 

in which the local youth let you know where daddy lives.  

Thankfully, the station's here too. 

Meaning a way to cross the tracks to the other side. 

On the other side? More Birrong suburbia without much to note. 

Exceptions given to this giant house styled after a modern megachurch.

From here, it was just a couple minutes walk to the suburb's border. 

Birrong: Come for the birds, stay for the waffles.