An attempt to visit every suburb in Sydney.

It's time for some more mindless wandering through this particular crease of Western Sydney , with two more suburbs. Potts Hill

Cutting Corners: Potts Hill and Yagoona

It's time for some more mindless wandering through this particular crease of Western Sydney, with two more suburbs.

Potts Hill

If you start at Birrong and walk east, you'll find yourself crossing over into Potts Hill. Unlike Potts Point, the Inner city suburb often known as Kings Cross, this suburb looks like this.

The first hint that something is afoot here is this absolutely immense house right as the suburb begins. 

Casting that aside for now, I headed into this park known as Smail Reserve. 

It's not that smail. It features a woodsy bit, 

and an impressive set of stairs allowing you to conquer Potts Hill. 

I did this, 

finding a spectacularly pixelated Wally on the way. 

Up the top - some green walking paths, 

with views of the houses below - most notably that corner megahouse. 

Following the path along actually leads to more modern houses. 

But that was in the wrong direction so I didn't head any deeper, figuring that in a suburb like this most houses are all going to look alike anyway. 

One perhaps interesting thing about Potts Hill is that other than the small patch of new houses, the vast majority of the suburb's footprint is taken up by Sydney Water. The map told me that behind that rockwall and fence is a reservoir. 

It turned out to be nothing to write home about. As such, for your Western Sydney recreational reservoir needs, I highly recommend Prospect instead. 

Walking up the road, away from the houses, 

led me to more new housing, this one an apartment complex. 

If you want to visit, carve yourself out a few extra minutes to read through the visitor parking terms and conditions, with special attention to the size 2 font at the bottom of the sign. And if you're not a bona fide visitor, well forget about it. 

Potts Hill also has this theoretical art installation. 

And a cute power box for lighting it. 

From here, I was forced to skirt the suburb's outer rim for a bit, 

leaving the suburb's residential pocket and walk along Sydney Water's fence. 

That's when I got an idea. It wasn't on my plan today, but across the road is actually a completely different suburb. 

I'm not going to visit enough of it to cover it properly, but I've got over 300 suburbs to go so I'm going to take a freebie where I can get it. As such, we leave Potts Hill and enter my next suburb.

Potts Hill: Fancy Birrong. 


So as alluded to, this side of the road is another suburb - Yagoona it turns out. 

I won't pretend I explored any of this suburb, apart from stepping foot into it enough for me to count the place. So here's what I did see here: 

This silo,

the strangely named Brunker Road (and that's Potts Hill to the left of this photo, suburb enthusiasts),

some older houses,

and inklings that Yagoona may be a bit greener than you'd expect. 

I eventually crossed the road back to the Potts Hill side, only to realise that Yagoona has swallowed this side of the road too once you reach a certain point.

Bonus roofy house. 

Eventually I reached this main road - Rookwood Road. 

Crossing the road and heading north, I thought I had now entered another suburb. But no, it turns out that Yagoona continues along here too. 

So this bit of Yagoona holds industry and business parks, 

and you're clearly not expected to walk along here at all. 

You can sit here though. 

As I progressed up the road, 

the industrial vibes continued, 

with even a truckstop petrol station, 

and a few less than common stores. Here's a pet warehouse, 

and a shoelace shop.

And finally, once I turned the corner and passed this nail care wholesaler, I was now entering my next suburb.

Yagoona: Did I "complete" it? Not especially. Am I counting it. Yes. 


  1. Booo, Yagoona is my childhood suburb and it was barely touched 😭. It has a station, the first ever McDonalds in Australia (recently resurrected from the grave) and a number of other very vaguely interesting things.

    1. ... Yagoona requires a revisit. My family lived just down the road and Yagoona has the best florist shop.

    2. Sorry that your suburb drew the short straw to my laziness

  2. Yagoona is definitely worth further inspection. I know that there is 300 more suburbs to go. Yagoona is so multifaceted though, absorbing the feel of Bankstown but also Georges Hall to its west and of course, the part closer to Birrong that you explored.

    It is the location of Australia's first McDonalds and the shopping centre along Hume Highway has those urban decay vibes where the shops can no longer compete with the relentless traffic. It doesn't take much to imagine downtown Yagoona bustling and with a certain mid century elegance.

    To top it all off Graf Park is the water source for the mighty Cooks River!

    Give Yagoona another go if you can!

    1. I didn't know Yagoona had so many fans. Thanks for standing up for it!

  3. I love that you picked up my biggest problem with Yagoona- the lack of footpaths!! I agree with the other comments, deserves another go, I moved here recently from Rosebery and it has been a pleasant surprise, especially living halfway between the Birrong station and highstreet and Yagoona, the shops in both places look from the outside like nothing to write home about but all your immediate needs or not so immediate (Mr Cheap!) including great food options can be found around here. The unassuming Grind House Cafe in Birrong pours coffee that rivals inner city baristas! One of my fav places has been O'Neil Oval and its amazing birdlife!