An attempt to visit every suburb in Sydney.

Journeying through Western Sydney , I find myself in  Lalor Park

Fashionably Unfashionable: Lalor Park

Pathway 8363

Journeying through Western Sydney, I find myself in 

Lalor Park

Lalor Park is a short walk to the north of Seven Hills. My experience in this suburb began with this playground, 

complete with a strangely bare bubbler, 

and a pathway with a supremely utilitarian name. Does this mean that Blacktown Council has at least 8000 other pathways in it? 
Pathway 8363

Regardless, pathway 8363 dropped me off in Lalor Park suburbia where the world is your oyster. 

Not unlike Seven Hills before it, the suburbia here is of a bygone era with limited redevelopment and older, modest houses. 

The locals do have nice cars though. 

In Seven Hills, I mentioned how this kind of suburbia gives you the option of brick, fibro or weatherboard. That largely holds true here too, 

unless you choose to live in a milk bottle igloo instead. 

That being said, igloos are the minority here. After all, in the 2016 Census, only 15 Lalor Parkians reported being born in Canada.


my stroll through suburban Lalor Park continued onto Pathway 8415. 

Which leads to more similarly flavoured streets. 

Special call out goes to this footpath that literally can't even. 

The good news is I didn't need that path anyway. Instead, I took a back path behind some houses, 

to reach Lalor Park's shopping strip.

I was actually surprised by Lalor Park shops - and not because of these chaps,

or this mural,

or this butterfly where I think the council wants you to pose for Instagram. 

No, I was actually surprised because these shops are way bigger than they have any right to be, with a bank, supermarket and plenty of takeaways. 

Of interest here is a Sri Lankan bakery,

and the kinds of shops you see less of these days in suburban Sydney, such as an old-school takeaway shop with ride-on car outside,

a very classic Aussie bakery selling cakes, pies, donuts and banh mi. In their window they had entire cakes here for $10, and donuts for 80c. Where I live, $10 barely buys you a single slice of cake from a bakery.  

They even have a deli the likes of which I haven't seen in forever, complete with a "Tip Top" branded menu. For some reason, this deli is named after a sixth century coptic saint, but I suppose that's part of the charm. 

I continued on past the painted toilet blocks (closed on weekends), 

past a skate park, 

and back into suburbia. 

From here, I didn't see too much of interest on the way to my next suburb.

Of limited interest is this community centre with blindingly green signage, 

the grandest weatherboard house ever, 

and this house where all looks normal, 

until you look at their window. 

The Lalor Park ends and the next suburb begins at this roundabout. 

Lalor Park: Features Sydney's best pathway names. 


  1. Hey Yaz. We would love you to come back to Lalor Park for a follow up visit. It's a great little community and you missed the best parts. We have a community cafe called Common Groundz and a community garden which is right next door to our beautiful Chifley Park. Also near the park is our art studio called Creative Groundz, who are doing some amazing things to raise awareness of health, mental health and social justice issues that will help not just our little town but people everywhere.
    Come back and let us show you the REAL LP.

    1. Hey Meg thanks for the comment and for calling out some of the things I've missed. Looking at the map I'm actually surprised that I managed to miss Chifley Park as it's right next to the shops and skate park! I'm going to be pet sitting a few suburbs away later this year and hope to come back to LP (off-blog) to try out the bakery. The park seems like a great place to enjoy the baked goods.

      And thanks for sharing info about your community group. If you have a web presence I'm happy for you to share a link here (or even shoot it through to me and I'll add it to the blog post).

  2. Good on you Meg Bell for sharing some highlights.
    I really like the recycled milk bottle igloo. Can I share that photo with friends?