An attempt to visit every suburb in Sydney.

My relentless march to tick off my remaining 10 Southeast Sydney suburbs continues with a two-for-one special. Chifley

Suburban Shipping: Chifley and Port Botany

My relentless march to tick off my remaining 10 Southeast Sydney suburbs continues with a two-for-one special.


Chifley is a small residential suburb neighbouring my previous suburb Malabar. That means getting in just involved crossing Anzac Parade.

Once in, I did what I do. That is, walk around and take photos of people's houses. 

Residential Chifley feels quite old-school in its suburbia, much like a lot of Western Sydney. Plenty of older, smaller homes on big blocks of land,

interspersed with some larger houses which have been rebuilt in the past couple decades. 

The tree-and-fence lined footpaths even boast suburban classics like a discarded ottoman (incidentally, I wonder how the Turks feel that the legacy of their once far-reaching empire is now a chair),

and even a friendly tyre-swing. 

Continuing on through suburban Chifley revealed more of the same, 

in addition to an unusual shortcut around a street corner. You don't see this in the new suburbs (mostly because the houses are all 1cm from the kerb).  

This then led me to Chifley's "new-house district" 

such as this pleasingly blue duplex, 

as well as something completely new to me while suburbsing - a fishing club. Any amateur fishermen (or women) out there, Chifley's the place to be.

Heading past the fishing club, 

I found myself at the local sports fields, with a baseball pitch, playground, and generic large rectangles of grass for other sporting needs.

The fields also have some high quality footpaths, 

which I followed past some exercise equipment, 

and a skatepark where the local lads perform their mad stunts. 

From here, I was actually at this suburb's border. Crossing the road took me into my next suburb.

Chifley: The kind of suburbia they don't make any more. 

Port Botany

So Port Botany is not the suburb I walked into above. That suburb is too big to tack onto the bottom of the too-short Chifley post, so as a bonus, here's Port Botany, the suburb after that one. 

From my mystery previous suburb (a mystery easily solved by looking at the map), I walked down this scrubby footpath into Port Botany. 

Port Botany is an entirely industrial suburb, but it does have some tricks up its sleeve. For instance, taking this clearing into the scrubby bushes, 

reveals a fenced off cube on the water. 

This water and beach is the same water and beach I visited in 2019 in Phillip Bay

From this vantage point, the industry of Port Botany can be seen on the right, 

with the beach of Phillip Bay visible on the left. 


led me towards what Port Botany actually does, 

heavy industry. 

This means that if you head down this road (one of the very few roads in the suburb), 

you'll see shipping containers. 

Lots and lots of them. 

Interestingly, the walk up the road doesn't only lead to shipping terminals, it also leads to a small car park used by non-industry folk which connects to the beach below.

Here, you can take in some reasonable water views. 

The gloomy skies and industry in the background add a bit of flavour. 

I figured that heading deeper into Port Botany would simply be a long walk of shipping containers (and a snoop through Google Street View backs this up), so instead I backtracked out,

into the suburb I entered from.

Port Botany: Heavy industry with beach access.