An attempt to visit every suburb in Sydney.

Welcome to the latest instalment of bits of the Northern Beaches that aren't on the beach .  Brookvale

Served Softly: Brookvale

Welcome to the latest instalment of bits of the Northern Beaches that aren't on the beach


After an enjoyable time in nearby Fairlight, I had a couple of errands to run. Firstly, I had to do the week's groceries. Secondly, I had a dining out gift card with $1.75 left on it. Both of these errands led me to tick off an opportune suburb in Brookvale.   

This side of Brookvale is largely full of low-density commercial and light industry, with things like tile shops, 

door shops,

electrical infrastructure, 

and a lost pigeon. Now, it's mean to make fun of someone who's lost a clearly beloved pet, but I do have to think that the likelihood of someone finding a pigeon in their backyard and thinking its a lost pet is particularly slim. Here's hoping I'm wrong. 

Anyway, after converting my gift card into two soft serve cones for Mrs Completing Sydney & I, 

I carried on through this bit of the suburb. 

Here, I found a parking sign with a hat, 

an interestingly designed warehouse, 

and more of the sorts of businesses you find in industrial areas. A business park, 

a smash repairer, 

and a painter. 


Other highlights include this distillery, 

the best joinery sign ever, 

and another business park, 

this one with a brewery and bar tucked inside. Neat. 

After exploring enough of industrial Brookvale, 

I decided to poke my head into a single residential street before heading off. 

On this single street, which I assume is a fair and accurate representation of how Brookvalians live, I found a number of large but modest looking homes. 

Ones like these. 

Or this somewhat roofy chap. 

This one has windy stairs up to the front door. 

There's also this streetside cat bed which is handy. 

Without too much sun left in the day, I headed off, 

to Brookvale's Warringah Mall for my groceries and my way home. 

Brookvale: Somewhere for tools, beers and soft serves.