An attempt to visit every suburb in Sydney.

We now head to our old friend Parramatta River for some great questionably-regioned suburbia.  Tennyson Point

What Is Even The: Tennyson Point

We now head to our old friend Parramatta River for some great questionably-regioned suburbia. 

Tennyson Point

Tennyson Point is one of the many suburbs that you could live all your life in Sydney and never know exists. It sits in that region of Sydney that nobody's really sure of, on the northern banks of the Parramatta River, west of the North Shore, but still east of the Western Suburbs, that place we generically call Northern Sydney.

That aside, arriving in the suburb looks something like this. 

Like many waterside suburbs in Sydney, no matter which body of water, Tennyson Point seems fancy. For instance, the first place I stopped has houses that look like this, 

and this. 

First order of business is the appropriately named Tennyson Park. 

Taking the path down into it reveals a lovely little park on the banks of the river, 

where you can ride the swings, 

have a picnic,

or just sit and watch the river do its thing. 

You can even take a glimpse at the bizarre suburb that is Breakfast Point on the other side. 

Heading back streetside, 

I looked at some further fancy homes nearby, 

some with water frontage.

I was here by car today (driving in via the car ferry from Mortlake), so I relocated to another street in the suburb and took a stroll. 

This end of the suburb, while still clearly wealthy, isn't quite as flashy as the bit I started at. 

That doesn't mean there aren't boats here though. 

One highlight here includes someone who's managed to get the council to put up a personal street sign for them. 

Taking a stroll through this generally pleasant residential street, 

revealed a suburb with variety in its architecture, 

as well as this small dead-end road, 

with a path down to another park,

via a surprisingly long and heritagey set of stairs. 

Unlike the small patch that was Tennyson Park, this one (Bill Mitchell Park, if you're interested), features a sports oval, 

with water views,

and some more benches for quiet contemplation (at least when there isn't a game on). 

They also have these toilet blocks, which I wouldn't normally mention, 

other than the fact that the 1 ply sandpaper they use here is from the literal "Costsaver" brand. I do love a bit of honesty. 

Bill Mitchell Park is actually at the suburb's eastern edge, so once I climbed the stairs back up, I was off to my next suburb.

Tennyson Point: Parramatta River, but fancy.


  1. You're right: I'd never heard of it! Love hidden gems.

  2. What is nice is how the council have connected up fragments of foreshore park. Where you used to have to clamber along walls and through mud, there's now flash aerial walkways (some crossing private property and kindly allowed by the unusually generous landowners). You can see the bit I mean 2 photos before the loos. The post gives a really good snapshot of the area. So glad we don't have to worry about the implications of Morrison's Bay any longer!

  3. Tennyson Park is mentioned in the Bill Bryson book 'Down Under', which is probably its greatest claim to fame. Bill couldn't work out the point of the suburb either. Glad to see you enjoyed the delights of Oatley, too. Pity it lost out to Manly for the 'golden boot' award.

  4. I live in Tennyson Point, it’s a great little place with nice walks through the local water side parks. Quiet and peaceful but also an easy drive to Balmain, the city, the inner west etc. Cheers.