An attempt to visit every suburb in Sydney.

It's now time to continue through the mean streets of Canada Bay . North Strathfield

Bakehouse: North Strathfield

It's now time to continue through the mean streets of Canada Bay.

North Strathfield

As a suburb, North Strathfield sits immediately south of my previous suburb, Concord West, and north of, well, Strathfield

Ordinarily I would just walk into the suburb, but transport was free today and I had just walked an obscene distance in Concord West so a lazy one-station-shuttle was a good option to get in.

Like many suburbs with a train line, North Strathfield is sliced roughly in half. The east side is over there, 

but today I'll be spending most of my time on the west side. 

Interestingly (sort of), the station actually has an exit directly into the neighbouring private school, 

it also has a just-interesting-enough grungy aesthetic at the right angles too. 

Anyway, I headed out onto the street to see what I could see. 

The streets immediately by this exit of the station are residential, 

with a mix of medium density apartments, 

and free-standing houses,

both older, 

and newer. 

I headed on south, 

past some more cute older homes, 

and some shiny school buildings, 

to reach one of the more built up areas of North Strathfield. 

Here, I found this rectangle painted like a Sydney train, 

across the road from some shrimpy buildings.

This leads to what is in my view the most interesting bit of North Strathfield, the Bakehouse Quarter. 

The Bakehouse Quarter is where North Strathfield once hosted the Arnott's factory, 

and now hosts a number of restaurants and offices, 

most notably, the office of Arnott's itself,

but also all of these folks. 

Naturally, this seemed as good a spot as any to stop for lunch today,

and Thai Paragon (a Thai restaurant, if you couldn't work it out) seemed to be a decent option. 

Here, I enjoyed a classic chicken cashew nut chilli jam stir fry. I can't hand-over-heart say that this was the world's greatest Thai food, but it certainly wasn't bad,

and sitting streetside added to the enjoyment. 

From here, it was time to start to stroll on towards my next suburb.

This meant backtracking through the Bakehouse Quarter, 

and the shrimpy house and train, 

to cross over the real train line, 

and land in the eastern side of the suburb. Here, I found an exceedingly quiet commercial strip, 

which I continued past, 

onto another residential street.

Here, I found this house painted in "sundrenched yellow", 

Tom Cruise, 

and pillars new and old.

I also found this dome-roofed chap. 

This leads to Concord Road that we originally met back in Concord West,

and another commercial street, this one with an interesting facade. 

This road is actually the border into my next suburb. 

North Strathfield: Do it for the biscuits.

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  1. I didn't even know the Bakehouse Quarter existed! Thanks again for another great suburb and something I never knew.