An attempt to visit every suburb in Sydney.

Here's a coastal stop in Sydney's east . Dover Heights

Ben: Dover Heights

Here's a coastal stop in Sydney's east.

Dover Heights

If you happen to find yourself in Rose Bay and head up these stairs, you may just find yourself in Dover Heights. 

I was arriving here as the day was running out of sunlight, 

which meant that I had to get a move on. 

In order to prove this suburb's name, the entirety of the suburb appears to be uphill,  

which does mean some decent views,

as well as some gorgeous views too. 

I strolled into residential Dover Heights to see what I could find. 

The answer, it turns out, is mostly really big houses, 

most of which are fancy.

I'm pretty sure this one belongs to the Jetsons.

I briefly stopped to say hello to one of the locals, 

before continuing on through this somehow eternally uphill suburb

You can tell this suburb is wealthy. For instance, the local preschool commissioned Picasso to draw their sign for them. 

Of course, a more traditional indicator of wealth is the fact that this suburb has ocean views, 

due to sitting at the top of a cliff. 

Here, there's a cliffside park where you can sit and watch the ocean, 

or just kick a ball about. 

Just don't kick it too hard. 

Having hit the coastal edge of the suburb, the natural next steps are too head back into Dover Heights. 

Here, I found a few more interesting houses, 

a Jewish ambulance, 

and a small shopping strip with some staggered apartments up top. 

Good view from here too. 

This actually turned out to be the home of the Czech Consulate, 

as well as my bus home from the Eastern suburbs, because from what I can tell, this was my final suburb to check off for this blog from this part of Sydney. Hooray. 

Dover Heights: Becasue you can never go too wrong with clifftop views. 


  1. Sadly, one of the uglier suburbs you've blogged about even in the soft light of dusk. Just goes to show views and house size are unfortunate combinations. I think these are the folks who are objecting to proper sewage treatment because any infrastructure might take away a centimetre of 'their' ocean outlook. Proof that you can indeed go 'wrong' in so many ways with clifftop views (also the architecture).

    1. Although I know what you're getting at, presumably they care more about what they're looking out at, rather than what passers-by are seeing. My place in Cronulla isn't much to look at on the esplanade, but I've got floor-to-ceiling windows facing the ocean, which is what I see.