An attempt to visit every suburb in Sydney.

This next post is a surface look into one of the most outer southwestern suburbs of Sydney.  Cobbitty

Cobbitty Markets

This next post is a surface look into one of the most outer southwestern suburbs of Sydney. 


Cobbitty's quite far away. It sits in Camden Council, a good 65km from Sydney city. Naturally, this is the kind of suburb you drive into.

I was actually here with Mrs Completing Sydney's family today for a belated birthday outing (belated as in it was supposed to happen last year but got stepped on by our old pal Delta). 

Good first impression vibes here, with the best number plate in the world (seriously, the RMS offers number plates with pups on them?),

some front yard sheep,

as well as a farm for teenagers.

Presumably the teens graze here. 

As an aside, I wonder what produce you would farm teens for. Perhaps face-harvested oil for machine parts. 

Anyway, we weren't here to see that today, we were actually here for a wholesome family outing to the once-a-month Cobbitty Village Markets which, as you can see, are still 400m up this road. 

On the way, we passed some more semi-rural plots, 

a playgroup with a fun door,

and quite a grand local church,

Cobbitty Anglican, it turns out. 

Also of interest is this absolutely bountiful mandarin tree that I present you with a washed out photo of. 

Anyway, here's the market. 

It turns out it's at the local primary school,

and is quite a bit more legit than I expected. 

The enjoyment here is actually two-fold. One is looking at the usual market wares for sale across the entire school grounds.

This is things like vintagey looking signs, 


handcrafted sugars,

and absolutely these super cute handmade knick-knacks. 

There was also a fire truck here for some reason.

The other aspect that makes this kind of a fun day out is if you're someone like me who has no reason to go to primary schools, you get to enjoy how damn adorable they are. For instance, here's an unlicensed Freddo hopscotch,

a great mascot and motto,

with rules for being on the grass,

and a rainbow theme that I unironically really enjoy. 

I think I need to furnish my place to look like a primary school. It's great. 

So I mentioned that there were two main avenues of enjoyment, well there's actually three. 

The third are the various forms of carbohydrates you can enjoy, from this European bakery-truck,

to this table of cupcakes,

and, of course, some pies and sausage rolls. 

Really excellent ones, it turns out. 

Alternatively, you can choose to go for some tea and scones. 


Honourable mentions here go to the community orchestra performing, 

some chickens,

and a nice little school garden. 

The markets are here monthly, and you can find out when the next one is on their website

Marketted out, it was time to head out, 

a little further up the road.

Outside, I noticed these very school Aboriginal styled pillars in front of the school paying tribute to the Dharawal People whose lands Cobbitty stands on today. 

Cute bird too. 

Now, not completely satisfied with our market snacking, we continued next door to the school to head to this cafe, the Cobbitty Bakehouse. 

As a professional, I completely forget to take picture's of people's food, 

so here's Mrs Completing Sydney's tea,

and avocado brunch thing.

Having just eaten a sausage roll and scone, I was happy to just nibble on some (slightly overdone) sweet potato fries. Much merriment was had with the enormous salt flakes on the thing. 

And that's more or less it for my brief visit to Cobbitty. On the way out, I saw this big and flat house, 

and dropped by the grounds of this religious estate. 

This was mainly to rubber neck at their church,

and old, pretty house. 

And with that, we called it for our brief foray into Cobbitty. 

Cobbitty: Come and discover the joys of rainbow children's furniture. 


  1. "Presumably the teens graze here"
    - I like your sense of humour

  2. Cobbity looks like a very nice place to live or visit.

  3. The market looks great, but I had forgotten that Teen Ranch was at Cobbity and had some funny flashbacks to when I went there as a teen to ride horses and drink milo and try to learn how to be a nice human being.