An attempt to visit every suburb in Sydney.

This next post will be a quick one. Ordinarily I'd combine this with another suburb, but the last suburb was way too long already, and t...

Oh: Canada Bay

This next post will be a quick one. Ordinarily I'd combine this with another suburb, but the last suburb was way too long already, and this was my last suburb of the day. As such, I welcome you to the small suburb of  

Canada Bay

Canada Bay is a rather tiny suburb in Canada Bay council, in the region of Sydney that I just call... Canada Bay. And yes, it's named after the real Canada, apparently inspired by a bunch of French-Canadian convicts in the 1800s (according to Wikipedia anyway). 

Crossing this canal from Concord got me into this suburb - a very lame version of crossing Niagara to enter the real Canada.   

Here, I found myself at this sort-of-residential, semi-main road, 

where I immediately found this rather funky house. Now that's what I call a front entrance. 

I strolled a little further along the street,

past some more interesting but not-too-whacky houses,

and down this alleyway into the suburb proper. 


From what I can tell, this suburb is entirely residential, and so my walk today takes me through suburbia. 

Suburban Canada Bay isn't too different to its neighbours. 

with an assortment of older houses in interesting enough styles,

as well as some larger more modern offerings (although I didn't come across anything super new). 

Now, I didn't really see much else of interest here so I'll share a brief story about my walk through Canada Bay. 

While walking down the street, some lady appeared to take umbridge at my taking photos of the street and houses. This happens sometimes, and usually I just explain what I'm doing and go along my way. 

Sometimes I can't be bothered to explain the whole "Completing Sydney" thing and just say that my hobby is going for walks and taking photos (which is true). That was what I did today. 

This was not sufficient for this lady who told me to stop taking photos (I note during this time that I never really stopped strolling along, taking pictures). 

I informed her that this is a public street, to which she threatened to call the police. That's a new one for me. Naturally, I told her to go right ahead, as I continued walking down the street doing my thing. I do find the mental image of somebody calling the police with the complaint of "somebody is talking photos on the street" rather amusing. 

As I continued walking, she finally called out "that's okay, we have cameras!" 

Sadly, I did not have the quick wit to respond with "so do I!", which I only thought of on the bus home. Why does that always happen with good come-backs? 

Anyway, that's the end of that story, and the end of this suburb. See you next time. 

Canada Bay: I thought Canadians were supposed to be friendly.


  1. Love your story Yaz, I love the image of the Rozza in the police station taking that call ha ha

  2. She thought you were casing the joint. 😂

    1. Just wait until she learns about Google Street View

  3. That's nothing: I was chased down a street in Glebe this morning by a man demanding I never buy a 7/11 sausage roll. He came close to force-feeding me his own sausage roll so that I understood its awfulness. I escaped, but only by vowing solemly (cross my heart, swear to deities) that I would never ever in my life buy one of these items. I'm vegetarian, so it's a promise easily given, but the intensity of the encounter would have put me off these sausage rolls even if I were exclusively carnivorous. Them surburban streets are dangerous places!