An attempt to visit every suburb in Sydney.

Did you read Peakhurst and think "this place could be a bit higher?" Well then do I have the suburb for you.  Peakhurst Heights

Get Acquainted: Peakhurst Heights

Did you read Peakhurst and think "this place could be a bit higher?" Well then do I have the suburb for you. 

Peakhurst Heights

Immediately south of my previous suburb Peakhurst is Peakhurst Heights. As such, getting in was just a matter of walking across this roundabout. 

Landing on a green suburban streetscape, let's see what this suburb has to offer the casual walker-by-guy,

apart from Australia's answer to Amazon. 

Perhaps unsurprisingly, walking through means looking at houses, from the geometric, 

to the miniature, 

to the quaint. 

I carried on, 

turning at this adorable sign,

on this road towards the shops, apparently. 

Before those shops, we have another tree-lined residential street, 

with this home that reminds me of a doll house. 

But the sign kept up its bargain and the walk to the shops was a short one. 

That being said, these shops turned out to be a bit naff. 

Highlights include a closed doctor and tutor, for upsetting your children in more ways than one, 

a closed footery, 

a closed hairdresser, 

and a closed gym. 

Coming to the realisation that Peakhurst Heights shops aren't exactly Times Square, I decided to keep moving deeper into the suburb via this convenient back path.

Entirely expectedly, on the other side of the path is more suburbia. 

Is this the most exciting place in the world? No, but I think it's actually quite pretty, with the green grass, green trees, 

and the way that each house here looks different to its neighbours. 

And I really mean it about the houses. 

Oh, did I say green trees? Well this one is pink. 

Also interesting in its own way is this house that has a tremendous garden and a huge power line in its front yard. And because it's not too clear from the picture, yes it's in their yard, not a separate plot of land next door. 

Down the street from here is Gannons Park, a huge square of grass, 

with some paths too. 

Those paths actually lead into a bushy bit, 

which turned out to be unexpectedly gorgeous. 

The path here snakes along through tall bushes, 

and an impressive little bridge.  

There are even a couple of ponds here. 

It's also extremely important to note that a baby waterbird was swimming in the shrubs behind this pond, but it was impossible to capture with my crappy camera. 

Instead, here's a uselessly blurry photo of its parent. 

From this lovely park, 

a chap can follow the path out and enter the next suburb.

Peakhurst Heights: Prettier than I was expecting.


  1. Wow I lived near there and never knew there was a heights! Thanks again for another unknown patch of suburbia, very nice little place.

  2. What's the go with the shops? Was it Sunday? Or is some massive development about to happen? Hope not -- you've made the suburb look really delightful as it is. Maybe a coot and its hidden chick in that pond.