An attempt to visit every suburb in Sydney.

Last suburb, we visited a pile of pens. In this suburb, we give a pile of peaks a go.  Peakhurst

Chicken and Aircraft: Peakhurst

Last suburb, we visited a pile of pens. In this suburb, we give a pile of peaks a go. 


Peakhurst is a short westerly walk from my previous South Sydney suburb of Penshurst. As such, that's how I got in today. 

I kicked things off on this main road, 

featuring a school "where children love to learn",

and some folks' houses. 

Because main-road-walking kind of sucks, I soon turned off and got stuck into residential Peakhurst. 

This is some pleasant enough suburbia. Trees, 

one of the biggest street libraries I've come across, 

and a mixed assortment of housing styles. 

I continued along, with a bit of rain now hitting my head, 

and observing what is apparently the "peak" bit of Peakhurst. 

At the end of this street, I kicked off the next section of Peakhurst, 

the "light industrial". 

This means enjoying light industrial staples, 

such as sails, 

smash repairers and palm trees. 

Seriously though, I enjoy walking through these kinds of places way more than you might expect. Where else do you see lollie warehouses, 

next to aircraft equipment,

next to █,

next to a milk truck, 

next to that one wheelie bin company. 

Anyway, after passing this electricity farm, 

I reached the end of industrial Peakhurst, 

taking this pathway through to the other side. 

Suburbia once again. 

Perhaps due to its proximity to industry, this bit of suburban Peakhurst seems a bit more modest,  

with older houses on one side of the road, 

and a bit of leftover industry on the other. Harpsichords, anyone? 

Other highlights include this green strip with huge powerlines, 

this fence painted in baby-shower pastels,

a rusty footpath, 

and a noodle factory. Sweet. 

I also saw this one fancy old house. 

Anyway, at the end of the street is the next suburb, but before that, it was lunchtime. 

The two options on this corner are this gym-themed cafe, 

and an old-school takeaway shop. 

Although I don't mind me a takeaway shop burger with the lot, the cafe's menu seemed a bit more interesting for the blog today, with some interesting looking toasties, burgers and even chicken and waffles. 

This is what they give you as a table number. 

So I neglected to mention for the past 3 blog posts that I brought Mrs Completing Sydney along with me today. She ordered some buffalo-chicken-nugget toastie which came out looking like this terrifying cheesy mess. 

Chicken and waffles were my go. (Dee-licious). 

Some shoestring fries were much needed to cut through both meals. 

With that poor-diet-choice out of the way, we continued on to the next suburb.

Peakhurst: The only place I know where you can pick up aircraft parts and chicken and waffles in the same afternoon.


  1. I'm going to imagine that you are heading into the next suburb with a small bag of assorted flight control knobs and buttons.

  2. Oh no, how could you do Peakhurst and miss mention of the infamous "Peaky Inn" my man?! Known for letting literally anybody in at all hours! Many good nights, many we'd rather forget haha.