An attempt to visit every suburb in Sydney.

Sydney is full of "nothing" suburbs. This blog's job is to try and find out which of these oysters contain a pearl and which...

Finding that Pearl: Mays Hill

Sydney is full of "nothing" suburbs. This blog's job is to try and find out which of these oysters contain a pearl and which only taste like licking a battery. This Western Sydney oyster definitely contains a single pearl.

But before I start, here's me inserting another feeble plug for this blog's social media presence:

Mays Hill

Mays Hill is a short game of Frogger from Westmead, sitting on the other side of the Great Western Highway.

They also appear to be in a different timezone, because Mother's Day is in September here according to the good people at Flower City.

I do have to give props to Flower City though. Their calendar might suck but they are pretty funky - at least in an Austin Powers sort of way.

Across from Flower City is a park full of cockatoos grazing. Coot.

Too lazy to go back the way I came, I climbed this fence to escape the shackles of modern parkland.

This part of Mays Hill boasts large houses on large blocks, and not much else.

I took a stroll through the small suburb to see what I could find though.

To be honest, I can't say I found much.

Apart from suburban houses, I did stumble upon this church, which reminds me of the Darth Vader house from Brighton Le Sands.

Just by this church is a ramp onto the M4 Motorway, and a sports field with a walking track alongside the elevated M4.

It's magpie season so I moved very quickly through this area. This park spits you out onto a street which I can only call "run down", with cracks in the road and overgrown trees.

This street looped me back to the Great Western Highway. I was ready to write Mays Hill off except for one placepoint I had put on the map.

Sydney Murugan Temple.

This place is right at the end of Mays Hill, saving the suburb by way of technicality. 

That being said, wow, this building is beautiful. 

A quick Google Search informs me that this is a Hindu temple for Tamil people. 

This temple sells food on weekend evenings, according to the temple's basic website. Unfortunately, those hours do not extend to when I randomly strolled by on a Saturday afternoon. Maybe another time. 

Mays Hill: This suburb is a small block of nothing, saved by a gorgeous temple squeezed into its boundary.