An attempt to visit every suburb in Sydney.

I've decided to break up my southwest Sydney chain with the final instalment of Sydney by Technicality for the year. Today, I'm t...

Sydney by Technicality IV: Cattai, Pitt Town, Pitt Town Bottoms

I've decided to break up my southwest Sydney chain with the final instalment of Sydney by Technicality for the year. Today, I'm taking this one a little lighter and enjoying a leisurely Sunday drive through The Hawkesbury.


SBT3 left us in South Maroota. Cattai sits immediately southwest of South Maroota and is, as you would expect, just a short drive away.

Per my previous instalments in the series, Cattai offers relaxing bush roads through the suburb; just windy enough to keep you entertained, but straight enough to keep the drive leisurely. Here's a dashboard action shot taken by my passenger.

A little bit down the road, we stumbled upon this blog's first kangaroos. Yay! Sadly, they were a fair distance away so you'll need to squint a little.

We continued on over a bridge across "Little Cattai Creek". Unnotable except for the name which I thought was cute.

Driving along, in the distance I saw what were unmistakably some Buddhist flags. I pulled over to check it out and found a Buddhist Meditation Centre out here. I can see Cattai being a fine place to meditate - it's certainly a low stress sort of place.

Just a touch further down the road, I passed the suburban border lines into the next suburb.

Cattai: It also has a National Park. Check it out and let me know.

Pitt Town

Further southwest from Cattai is Pitt Town. Before I start, a disclaimer. My visit to Pitt Town was rather brief, so please don't take this as a review on the town itself!

Now, apparently, Pitt Town is a historic town so I was on the lookout for old shit on my drive through.

Here are some historic ducks.

I don't know if this house is old, but I like the way it looks.

This one most definitely is old.

As is this (much more beautiful) one (or so I assume, it's not like Meriton is building with sandstone are they).

Pitt Town sits in quite a pretty area. I followed this lovely tree-lined road on my way to an extension of Pitt Town which is a suburb in its own right.

Pitt Town: They have some fine ducks.

Pitt Town Bottoms

Turning left into the aptly named Pitt Town Bottoms Road, I entered this hilariously titled suburb.

This odd suburb is basically one road which hangs off the back of Pitt Town.

I'm not sure why they've wasted everybody's time making Pitt Town Bottoms its own suburb, but I'm glad they did, because otherwise I never would've dropped by.

There isn't much here apart from a narrow road and lush green farmland, but this "suburb" is somehow one of my more memorable stops. Credit for the below two photos goes to my Completing Sydney tag-a-long for the day @NitaraZaid

Sadly, the road eventually ended and it was time to head back home.

Pitt Town Bottoms: It shouldn't be a suburb, but I'm glad it is.