An attempt to visit every suburb in Sydney.

These two suburbs, along with my previous suburb of Emu Plains , are to my knowledge the only Sydney suburbs west of the Nepean River. Let...

The Western Front: Emu Heights, Leonay

These two suburbs, along with my previous suburb of Emu Plains, are to my knowledge the only Sydney suburbs west of the Nepean River. Let's explore our city's outer rim.

Emu Heights

Emu Heights, as you may expect from its name, is just up the road from Emu Plains. I hadn't lost my car between the two suburbs so it was only a short drive to get me across the border.

Rather than stick to the main road which appeared to be full of things like carpet and pool shops, I decided to take the backstreets, opening up the views of the Blue Mountains once more.

After a not-long drive, the Heights bit of Emu Heights made itself known,

and landed me in residential suburbia.

This is where I ran into this awesome elevated house.

Apart from the houses of Emu Heights, this suburb also boasts some simple but beautiful parks.

Here's a wide open space where you can shoot some hoops, slide down a slippery dip, or just enjoy the Blue Mountains looming over you.

Just a couple hundred metres up the road,

is another nature reserve.

This one features even wider, even more open space, albeit without the mountains to seal the view. 

I don't have much else to say about this place.

Emu Heights: Your emus must be at least this tall to enter.


From Emu Plains, if you head south instead of north, you'll end up in Leonay. For me to get there, that meant backtracking from Emu Heights, back all the way through Emu Plains and crossing the southern border into Leonay.

The first thing to greet me as I crossed into the suburb was a golf club. All along the club was a no parking zone (presumably to stop riff raff like me from stopping nearby) so here's a photo from down the road instead. If you squint, you can see a golf cart in amongst the trees on the right. Hooray.

Rather than driving through Leonay, I thought it might be best to park on this residential street and go for a walk.

This turned out to be a bit of a funny place.

When you think of Outer West suburbs in Penrith Council, you don't expect to see manicured lawns,

houses with plaques out front,

a beautiful classic car,

(plus one still beautiful rusty classic car).

I was very quickly running out of sun, so I beelined to the suburb's Nepean riverbank. Still nice? Yes, but this clearly isn't the spot to enjoy the river (Penrith side does it better).

On my way back to the car, I made sure to say hello to this choice ducky crossing sign.

With night time upon me, I got back into the car and said goodbye to the Penrith region for today.

Leonay: Rich people pretending they don't live in Penrith.