An attempt to visit every suburb in Sydney.

My Sydney by Technicality  escapades continue with a journey to Sydney's farms, gum trees, and even a Buddhist temple. Rossmore

Bush Buddha: Rossmore (Sydney by Technicality IX)

My Sydney by Technicality escapades continue with a journey to Sydney's farms, gum trees, and even a Buddhist temple.


No, this suburb has nothing to do with David Schwimmer.

Like Austral before it, Rossmore is another rural suburb in Sydney's outer west, not outrageously far from the respectably large town centre that is Liverpool.

As I crossed into the suburb, a more industrial version of my previous suburb was presented, with an abundance of slightly more serious looking farms.

You can even pick up a second hand dump truck trailer here, which is a first for this blog.

Like most of these Sydney by Technicality suburbs, each house tends to be unique from its (sometimes distant) neighbour, whether it's a small fibro number by an impressive Aussie gum tree,

someone who's gone "screw it" and built a house straight out of The Hills District,

or a cottage of sorts with a well-kept lawn,

and rusty tractor out front.

There's never that much to see in these 'burbs, but they do allow for you to pretend that you're out in the bush without actually leaving the city's bounds.


I thought I'd seen everything Rossmore had to show until I stumbled upon this gate. The Buddhist flag (that's that stripy one on the right hand side) stopped me from immediately driving on.

Now that's what I call a driveway.

The place looked open to the public so I went in for a stickybeak.

So out here in plucky old Rossmore is a Buddhist temple.

My favourite bit of this temple though sits in the carpark.

Inside this small open-aired building (sorry, I'm not sure of the right term for the building) is a very impressive golden Buddha statue.

Seeing a beautiful and unexpected sight like this in otherwise typical Aussie bush surroundings helps remind me why I do this blog.

The Cambodian Flag up top of the temple and the Khmer writing on this window (I don't know what this is) tells me that this is clearly a Cambodian temple.

Do they have many Cambodians in Rossmore? The census says no.

Do they have many people in Rossmore at all? Well, enough to keep a pretty impressive temple.

Anyway, I continued off from the temple to head towards the next suburb.

On the way, I participated in some good old fashioned rotary hoeing,

And stopped by Rossmore Grange where I thought there would be some sort of park, nature reserve or something,

but instead just found a place to do doughnuts in your car,

and a lookout at nothing in particular.

As a result, folks have had to entertain themselves in other ways.

The road out of Rossmore continued to be paved with farms,

including this one with a rather pretty pond.

Thanks for stopping by.

Rossmore: Where else can you find a golden Buddha surrounded by gum trees?

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  1. Fascinating! I really like these visual and factual views of what's going on in little known suburbs like this. Thanks!
    Some info on the Buddhist shrine and how it came to be there. Apparently the building is called a pagoda, though I would have said 'pavilion'.