An attempt to visit every suburb in Sydney.

If you've been reading along, you'd know that I'm currently exploring our city's "space behind the couch" with ...

Fly Fishing: Badgerys Creek and Bringelly (Sydney by Technicality X)

If you've been reading along, you'd know that I'm currently exploring our city's "space behind the couch" with a few Sydney by Technicality suburbs. Let's keep moving.

Badgerys Creek

Badgerys Creek is best (and only) known for being the site of Sydney's second airport. From my previous suburb of Rossmore, I crossed the border into the suburb, driving through the same sort of gum-tree-rich environment I'd grown accustomed to in the last couple of suburbs.

If you come in the way that I came (through Elizabeth Drive), the site of the new airport is immediately to your left. The airport has been named after Nancy-Bird Walton, who Wikipedia tells me was the youngest woman pilot to gain a Commercial Pilot's Licence in the British Empire. Interestingly enough, she was a student of Kingsford Smith, Sydney's other (real) airport's namesake. She also did a bunch of other neat stuff, so have a read about her if you're interested.

So apart from the big construction site that is the airport, what else is in Badgerys Creek?

Nothing, really. Come back in 2026.

Badgerys Creek: 1990s under construction gif

Continue driving south and you hit the next suburb,


On first glance, Bringelly clearly has more going for it than Badgerys Creek. If you come in the way I came (from Badgerys Creek Road to the North), you drive through some brand new roads in an area which is clearly being upgraded for all the hullabaloo that comes with an airport popping up.

I can't help but wonder how the locals, with their huge and previously semi-rural houses, feel about all this.

My first (and only, if I'm to be honest with you) point of interest for Bringelly was this place - Australian Koi Farm.

Australian Koi Farm does exactly what it says on the tin.

Here, they sell koi. You can get small koi,

or big koi (which go for over a grand each!)

Walk past any of the tanks and a flurry of koi will approach, mouths out, presumably thinking it's feeding time. It's both cute and a little creepy.

Also of interest was this baby goat on the property. Baby goats are our planet's cutest animal.

Having satisfied my koiest desires (and resisting the urge to steal the baby goat), I left the farm.

Wikipedia told me of a heritage house in the suburb so I thought I ought to go take a look.

This took me through some of Bringelly's most excessive houses. How long does it take these people('s maids) to do all the vacuuming?

(Those sheep are plastic, by the way).

I eventually reached the heritage house in question, "Kelvin Homestead", a private property you can't see properly from the street.

I'll be off then.

Bringelly: Come for the koi, stay for the baby goat.