An attempt to visit every suburb in Sydney.

We're still in Sydney's Outer West exploring the suburbs that aren't . Here are two surprisingly memorable suburbs. Moun...

Czeching Out: Mount Vernon and Kemps Creek (Sydney by Technicality XI)

We're still in Sydney's Outer West exploring the suburbs that aren't. Here are two surprisingly memorable suburbs.

Mount Vernon

Mount Vernon sits on a relatively undeveloped patch of land around halfway between Penrith and Liverpool.

As soon as you cross the border, the type of suburb that this place is makes itself known, starting with this collapsed Jenga-tower of a house.

Yes, Mount Vernon is all about outrageously large houses on big pieces of land.

Enter this gated community which goes by the (spectacularly pompous) name "Capitol Hill", and it gets even worse.

I don't even know what to say.

Even their local park has a tennis court.

Am I a bad person for feeling schadenfreude that Badgerys Creek opening up next door will suddenly give these people a whole bunch of new aeroplane noise?

Continue down the road, and read on to follow me into the next suburb.

Mount Vernon: Carbon footprint.

Kemps Creek

Immediately south of Mount Vernon is Kemps Creek. Would you believe me if I told you that the reason I came out to do this whole Sydney by Technicality trip starting from Austral was to come to Kemps Creek?

At first glance, Kemps Creek seems pretty similar to its neighbouring suburbs, with wide empty space,

plenty of gum trees,

and some light industry.

But on the main road, through these gates (which were open on our visit), you'll find what I came (and brought some companions all this way) for. 

This adorable building is the Czechoslovakian Country Club.

Step inside, and you'll find your grandma's dining room.

One more door takes you through to a restaurant. 

I knew this place was legit as the only people here were old, Eastern European folks.

And talk about decor!

So what do you get an a Czechoslovakian restaurant?

The answer is extremely heavy European food. 

How about enough schnitzel (and potato fried with bacon) to feed a Biggest Loser contestant?

Or half of a gorgeously juicy roast duck, served with a ridiculous portion of cabbage.

Or, if you're insane like me, literal fried cheese.

Not for the lactose intolerant. 

For sides, creamy potato salad,

steamed bread,

and langosh, deep fried crispy bread covered in garlic. Czech beer too!

Outrageously full, we shared walnut pancakes for dessert.

After this meal, we were full for approximately 3 weeks.

Kemps Creek: A delicious near death experience. 


  1. Thank you for that, I had forgotten all about the Czech Country Club, seeing that fried cheese made me sad I had never been there when I lived in Kemps Creek. Drove past it so many times and never went in! The langosh looks amazing too but after just having my gallbladder removed like 2 days ago it will be a very long while before I will be able to try either of these items, crying now.....

    1. I don't know what the healing process is like for the removal of a gall bladder, it's definitely worthwhile a visit once you've recovered. Get well soon!

  2. A Czech Country Club, in Sydney, of all places?!
    Well won't be long before people start queuing up for those lactose-laded literal fried cheese!

    1. If they do, I can credit myself with starting my very own public health crisis.

  3. Literally just around the corner from me. Drive past it every day but always thought it was a closed club not open to the public. You should have reviewed Enzo’s Cucina a little further down Devonshire… they have the best Mexican pizza I’ve ever tried.