An attempt to visit every suburb in Sydney.

Here's a not-particularly-hilly suburb in our city's west. East Hills

The Western Plains of: East Hills

Here's a not-particularly-hilly suburb in our city's west.

East Hills

Continuing on from The Land of Picnics,  I entered East Hills on foot,

where I was immediately forced to describe some more suburbia. We've got some big houses, 
some old houses, 
and some more big houses. 
This guy owns a truck. 
With that out of the way, I continued deeper into the suburb,
crossing a tiny creek,
and heading along some outrageously vivid grass. 
As you can see, East Hills seems okay, 
but is not particularly inspiring me so far.
I was soon given the opportunity to head off road and into a waterside reserve, the appropriately named East Hills Park.
All very pleasant, with the grassy enjoyment of the Georges River, 
benches for all your picnicking needs,
and paths to stroll along at a leisurely pace. 
I was actually looking to cross the river on foot, as there was meant to be a footbridge upstream. This railway bridge wasn't it,
and I returned streetside, 
walking past these charming waterside, bungalow-esque houses backing onto the water. 
The bridge I wanted was just up the street from here, 
and is also appropriately named (The East Hills Footbridge). It's also a fairly attractive piece of metal. 
I crossed the bridge, explored the suburb on the other side (which you'll read about next post), and came back to finish off East Hills. 

I'd explored three more suburbs since my meat-pie brunch in Panania, and with it being mid-afternoon, my tank was low.

This meant my next step was to head towards East Hills town centre for a feed.
Do you want to know a secret about East Hills town centre? 
It doesn't really have one. 
By the train station,
are a couple of usual services - dentist, hairdresser, local lawyer,
and then cross the tracks, 
to find a small smattering of shops.
Luckily, East Hills has a good old fashioned Aussie takeaway shop and bakery. 
I grabbed myself the typical takeaway shop hamburger (plus some chilli sauce for a bit of extra kick). It was delicious because I was hungry, but truth be told it was an average burger at best. 
The same can't be said for the donut I also picked up while I was there (for 80c no less!). This thing was an amazing circle of sugary goodness. It may not be as pretty as a Krispy Kreme, but boy was it good. 
As mentioned, the takeaway shop is right by the station. Meaning from here I could easily head home. 
East Hills: Donut miss it. 

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