An attempt to visit every suburb in Sydney.

This next suburb is an interesting stop, tucked away in Sydney's nether regions.  Voyager Point

Logging: Voyager Point

This next suburb is an interesting stop, tucked away in Sydney's nether regions. 

Voyager Point

Voyager Point is a Southwest Sydney suburb laying just west of the Georges River. To get in, I crossed this spiffy pedestrian bridge over from neighbouring East Hills.

There's an alright view of the river from the bridge which I failed to photograph very well due to the bridge's high safety cage. 
On the other side of the bridge is a semi-wooded area from where I could begin.  
In lieu of a "welcome to" sign, Voyager Point greets voyagers with this educational monolith,
a couple of swell fish,
and a final checkpoint for passport control. 
Once out at street level, I got to enjoy the real "middle of nowhere" vibe that Voyager Point offers. 
I started on the road, finding aspirational houses,  
in front of real "where the hell am I" surroundings. Interestingly, around half of this suburb's footprint is thick bushland, while the other is filled with modern suburbia. I expect the bushland's days are numbered. 
The centre point of the suburb is the creatively named Voyager Park, which I was able to enter through this path into the woods. 
The best bit of the park is this lake where I met a fine assortment of waterbirds. 
But Voyager Park isn't only made up of this semi-wilderness. Much like Voyager Point itself, it also has a manufactured half, with this gazebo thing, 
somewhere to run around,
and even artificial birds. 
But I suppose that makes sense, considering suburbia is right here.
With painted houses,
local mansions,
and perfect lawns. 
Special call out goes to Orlando Crescent, 2003's best street. Your move, Acacia Gardens.
Satisfied I'd sufficiently covered Voyager Point, it was time for me to head back to the lone bridge out.
On the way I passed through, as you may expect, more suburbia. 
Before winding back up on the street I started the suburb on. 
Backtracking my earlier steps, I took the path back down,
and crossed the spiffy footbridge once more. 
Voyager Point: Really nails the "middle of nowhere" brief.

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  1. Yep it's a funny little place, went for a bike ride through there when I lived at Panania.